Graphic Design Proposal

We are going to develop an advertising campaign regarding the City of Culture in 2017. As a group we will fully investigate the idea, and pitch our design ideas and delivery methods.

Our group includes Sarah Sparrow, Kai Gill, Lans Lister, Liam Walker and myself.

We have decided that Lans will produce a mobile app, whilst Kai and Sarah will be producing a flyer. I will be producing a booklet full of places in Hull.

We are also all producing an article to put on the mobile app.

For this assignment we will need to research the City of Culture, and produce initial ideas for each separate part. We will need to write the articles, discuss our initial ideas to produce final ideas. We will then need to discuss our work so far and discuss what else we could do to improve our ideas.

The only problem we may face in this assignment is working together as a group, as we all live in different areas. However, we can overcome this by interacting over social media, and decide times to meet up to work together.

If our original idea was to fail for some reason, we could decide to do only the mobile app and the flyer.

Hull City of Culture

In November 2013 Hull found out they had won the title of City of Culture 2017. Beating 11 other city’s in England, including Swansea, Hull is expected to hold a range of different events that will bring a £60 million boost to the city.

The City of Culture aims to help cities in areas of tourism and the economy. It was said that Hull put forward ‘The most compelling case based on its theme as a city coming out of the shadows’.

Hull Council Leader Stephen Brady said that this opportunity will give Hull the chance to tell the world what the city has to offer.

Events taking place in 2017 include an opening ceremony, and an aerial show as part of Hull’s annual Freedom Festival.

Previous City of Culture, Derry, saw a range of events take place, such as BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend.

Siemens Sustainable wind farm

Siemens have decided to develop a multi- million pound wind farm development plant based in Hull.

The ‘Green Post’ wind turbine factory will be built on Alexandra Dock, whilst a blade manufacturing facility will be built outside of the East Yorkshire village of Paull.

This development will create over 1,000 jobs for the people of Hull, and is hoping to ‘Establish the Humber as the UK’s Energy Estuary’.

It also means that Hull can help the country invest in home- grown green energy, reducing our reliance on foreign imports.

The construction is said be starting in Autumn 2014, to be operational by 2016.

Graphic Design, Design for Advertising Brief

For this assignment we need to develop an advertising campaign for either the Hull City of Culture or Siemens Sustainable Wind Farm Development plant.

Working as a group, we need to fully investigate each option, considering messages that target specific social/ cultural groups.

As well as this, we need to generate graphics for print and at least one other platform, showing evidence of group work.

This work will presented to the class, for which we will pitch our design ideas and delivery methods.

Oresome Gallery and Jewellery Workshop

Oresome Gallery and Jewellery Workshop are holding a free workshop in April for the Hull Bid Fashion Week.

The workshop is to encourage children to get involved with making paper jewellery on 27 April from 1pm-3pm. Taking place in the workshop on Humber Street, it is just one of many activities taking place during the Hull Fashion Week.

‘Make it- Own it- Love it’ is their motto, and children will get to cut and colour in templates of jewellery. With the workshop providing hooks for earrings and links for necklaces, it gives them a chance to give jewellery making a go, as they cannot participate in normal workshops due to health and safety.

The gallery and workshop holds different courses throughout the year, with the chance to learn a range of traditional and contemporary jewellery making techniques.

“We run taster days every third Sunday of the month”, Nicola Fidell Chapman, of Oresome Gallery and Jewellery Workshop, says. They also do commissions, repairs and remodelling, as well as offering their design services.

Joseph Pulitzer

Joseph Pulitzer was born on April 10 1847. Born in Hungary, his father was a wealthy grain merchant.

As a young man Pulitzer tried to enlist in a number of armies, including the Austrian army, but he was always turned away due to his poor eyesight and all around frail health. However, he didn’t give up and eventually enlisted in the U.S Union Army as a substitute for a draftee.

After this, he decided to join the Lincoln Cavalry, before moving to St. Louis carrying out little jobs such as baggage handling and working as a waiter. Whilst in St. Louis he ‘immersed himself in the city’s Mercantile Library studying English and Law.

He was then, out of luck, offered a job in 1868 at the Westliche Post, a leading German Language Daily newspaper at the time. Four years later he gained controlling interest in the paper. At this time he had built a reputation as a ‘tireless enterprising journalist’ (

At the age of 25 Pulitzer became a publisher, and gained ownership of the St. Louis Post, before moving to The World. Here he was said to ‘work at his desk from early morning until midnight or later, interesting himself in every detail of the paper’ (

It was after this he became prominent, being one of the first to use sensationalising articles and using illustrations in the paper. He created ‘yellow journalism’, and caused the paper to become the largest circulating paper in the country.

A year after Pulitzer died, in 1911, the Columbia School of Journalism was founded, with $2,000,000 left in his will for this purpose. The first Pulitzer Prize was awarded in 1917, to recognise achievements in Literature, Poetry, History, Music and Drama.


Information found online from

Creative Futures- 27/03/14

After missing last lesson for Journalism Day, we spent this lesson discussing our ideas for our Web Doc. Sally helped us with ideas of what we can include, so for mine I am going to write about the history of Hull, the events that are taking place and the before, beginning and after of the Fashion Week.

I now have a clearer idea of what to do for this assignment.