Deciding on what website software to use

For my online fashion magazine I am going to use website software This is because I am familiar with the blogging website, so hopefully will be able to transfer some of my knowledge to

Another website software I could have used was Wix, but from previous experience, I found it hard to use and became frustrated when using it. Therefore I decided to stick with what I am experienced in in order to produce the best website that I can.

Deciding on a website host

Web host screenshotA key part of creating a website a website is deciding on a host. A web host allows you to make your website accessible on the internet.

With a host you usually get a domain name, so you don’t have to have the website’s name in your URL. This will make my domain look more professional.

Hosts also include storage and various other tools. However, you need to pay in order to use a host. The cost is usually very little, which you pay monthly to be able to use.

As I know relatively little about website hosts, I have searched for the best options, which costs the least and includes the most features. The screenshot included shows a website that rates hosting websites, giving me a better idea of the best web host to use.

I will now look through the different hosts to decide which would be best for my needs.

Creating my website

Creating a website is something I am not experienced in, so I expect it to be the hardest part of my overall project. To create a website, I need to decided which website to create it on, as well as decide on a host.

Once this is done I will need to create a layout that I am happy with. This might be difficult, as I have limited skills but my expectations are high. To be able to create a layout I will need to keep working to get something I am happy with, which will include a lot of research and practice. Although I will need a basic layout to begin placing content, I will continue to work on the website throughout the project until I have something I am happy with.

Fashion blog research: Retro and Thrift

Through all of my research of fashion blogs, another that stood out was a blog called Retro and Thrift, which is created by a girl in Hull. What stood out to me was it’s fun layout and use of colour which catches the eye. It focuses mainly on vintage goods, but I like that she has included areas that she is passionate about such as feminism.

Although a Hull based blogger, her posts aren’t restricted to Hull based fashion. This is different to my own, as I will be mainly focusing on the Hull area. However, I would love to work with some Hull bloggers when producing content for my blog, perhaps interview a few for one of my features.

She also displays her social media well, with her Twitter feed on the side of her blog. This means the reader can see both her blog and her feed at the same time, increasing viewing on both.

Retro and Thrift screenshot 2 Retro and Thrift screenshot 3 Retro and Thrift screenshot

Fashion blog research

One of the closest things to my online fashion website are fashion blogs. Although personal, many are focused on fashion and beauty, which is what I’m focusing my own website on. So I thought I would research a couple to see what sort of content is on the internet already and see what sort of things I do and do not like.

A prevalent UK based fashion blog is Hannah Gale’s self named blog. As an ex-journalist who has worked at fashion magazines such as Marie Claire and Look, her blog is what she describes as a ‘lifestyle destination for women in their twenties looking for reassurance that they’re not alone.’

I love this fashion blog, as she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and her lifestyle is realistic, unlike many other fashion blogs at the moment. Her tone is friendly and relatable, which I can imagine boosts readership.

The layout I think looks really professional, with good use of photos. This makes it more interesting to look and read, as internet articles tend to have less text than print articles.

Something I would like to emulate on my own fashion website is the use of subsections under the main area. For example, underneath fashion she has three subsections: 3 ways to wear, outfit of the week and wish list. I think three is a good amount of subsections, as I don’t want to have too many areas to focus on, I would rather have a smaller amount to create lots of content for, with the possibly to increase in the future.

Another thing I would like for my own site is her use of social media. You can see her Instagram photos on the site, which you can then click on link to her Instagram page.

Hannah Gale screenshot 2 Hannah Gale screenshot 3 Hannah Gale screenshot 4 Hannah Gale screenshot

Tweet schedule

After completing all of my usual work, I spoke to Natalie about producing a tweet schedule for the Femail twitter account. I thought about doing this after spending time completing one at a PR company that I do some work experience for. I thought it would be a good idea, especially as I only spend Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the office so I can’t tweet throughout the week.

The tweets I decided to schedule mainly included different features in the current week’s Femail. However, I also included tweets to engage with followers, and about different events in the area. I am aiming to increase follows, as at the moment there are only about 200!

Another way I am going to try and increase this is by following others and by retweeting other users, to engage with the community. This is my ultimate goal, to engage with the community. This way people from the area can interact with Femail.

Street style

This week came the time to go back out onto the high street for the street style feature. This time I felt more confident after going out alone once before, and determined to find a good amount of people to fill a few week’s worth of papers.

Unlike last time, I went out with Kate, the photographer that usually goes out for the street style, and it was fun to work together to get what we needed. Her enthusiasm increased my confidence, and I felt that I spoke to the public with ease and in a friendly tone.

We managed to find six people, which is great as it means we don’t have to go out for another couple of weeks. We found varying styles which is good as it means I’m not repeating my words when writing up the feature.

This is yet another feature that I am in charge of writing. I enjoy writing the street style up, as it has several different components, including a write up of the interviews, a style verdict column and a section where you can get the look. This means it doesn’t get boring writing the same things over and over again.