Deciding on footage to use

After reviewing my footage, I decided which shots I liked the best and the ones I wanted to include in my promotional video. As I took a few recordings of different scenes, it meant I could compare them and decide which would look best.

This helped me to cut down the time of my promotional video, as all of the footage together would have been over ten minutes long.

Losing edited footage

At the end of yesterday I had managed to review my footage and start editing shots down into clips that I can use for my promotional video. However, after trying to open the programme today with my edited footage I have found that it will not let me. I’m not sure as to why, it says that the document may be damaged, but I cannot find a way to carry on editing this footage.

This means that I will have to start again. This time I will edit the footage on my own laptop, to decrease the chances of losing my work again. At this point it has slightly worried me, as I don’t want to have my video nearly finished and then lose the work, leaving me with nothing. But using my laptop means that I will always be on the same computer, lessening the chance of this happening.

It also means I can edit my video both at university and at home, which gives me more time to be able to edit it how I would like.

Hull College Higher Education prospectus

 I’ve decided to have a look at the new prospectus for 2015-2016. This is because it would give a good idea of what Hull college are pushing, what they see as important factors to advertise the different courses.

The main points to advertise the course are:

  • Wide range of learnt skills
  • Visits from industry professionals
  • Live projects
  • Journalism Day
  • Producing news packages
  • Using digital tools
  • Using blogs and social media

As these are mentioned in the prospectus, these are the main points I should try to convey in my promotional video. That would mean that it is consistent and flows well.

Creative ideas for promotional video

After researching other promotional videos, I have decided that I would like mine to stand out, and I want to do this by being creative. I have had a couple of ideas that I will try out to see if it works.

The first idea is to work my way around Hull, and recording anything that says the word Hull on it. This footage would appear at the beginning of the video to establish where the university course is based. It would also include different shots of Hull, giving a better idea of what the city is like.

The second idea is to film students on the course with a large piece of card. On the card would be wrote something like “I love JDM because…” and then they can write their own opinion. This would give all of the student’s opinion on the video without having to interview everyone. It would also be eye catching and stand out from the crowd. However, I will need to see how this looks before deciding to include it in my video.

Uploading footage to premiere pro

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.56.57

I’ve finally managed to upload my footage on to premiere pro to be able to edit it. I haven’t been able to do this before because I didn’t have a memory stick big enough to be able to bring it all together, but I’ve now bought an external hard drive.

Although some of the footage I’ve found hard to locate (I need to have a look through my memory sticks and on my laptop!) I am happy with the footage I have. However, I now feel that I need more footage to bring the promotional video up to the standard that I would be happy with.

I am going to find the footage that I have lost tonight, and will carry on editing tomorrow. I will also film some extra footage during the week.

Using time lapses

After seeing another promotional video, I love the idea of using one for my promotional video.

Fortunately I have a friend who is currently experimenting with time lapse videos of Hull, so I may ask him for permission to use it in my video.

He also has a few stills of Hull that I really like and would love to use on my video.

I will ask him for permission to use them, then work with the shots to see if they suit my promotional video.