29/09- producing a column piece

After completing two different fashion pieces in the morning, and having some lunch out with some of the people in the office, I set to writing another column for the Femail supplement. Again I was allowed to write about my subject of choice, so I wrote about recent make-up techniques that are popular with celebrities. As another trend seems to appear every couple of months, it can be hard to keep up so I decided to explain the different terms and how you do them.

This is suitable for the Femail supplement as their target audience and demographic are people that are interested in fashion and beauty. I also reasoned that, as a reader of the Femail supplement myself, I was interested in the subject so I thought that others that read it may be interested too.

Its great to be able to write about something you are interested in, with the chance of it being published, so I really enjoyed writing the column. As Femail has a specific way of writing, being more casual than the rest of the paper, it is good to write pieces like this to get to grips with the writing style. It will also be good to get some feedback on my writing, as it is something I have previously not being confident with.

29/09- first day at Hull Daily Mail

The 29th marked my first day as features intern at the Hull Daily Mail. Although nervous, I was excited to begin, as during the trial day I had completed work that I really enjoyed and would like to learn more about.

My morning consisted of once again completing the 6 of the best feature that is included in every Femail supplement. As I get to choose the theme, I chose different floral fashion pieces, which is in fashion this season. The way in which I did this was use the website prshots.com. This is a resource for journalists to find photos of clothes that you can use in publications. They have plain backgrounds without being shown on a model, so they work well in newspapers. They displays pieces from a wide variety of different stores, so you can find out where each is from, the cost and when they are released to the public.

This is a great help when producing 6 of the Best, as it means I didn’t have to look through several separate sites to find what I needed for the article. I will use this in the future, as it is a useful tool when producing fashion features.

I also completed the feature named celeb look. This is a section where they take a photograph of a celebrity, and find suitable fashion pieces that match the look, but on a cheaper budget. Again, I used prshots.com and a range of other fashion websites to help me find a look that matched the photo, but was also suitable for the public to wear and to be able to buy.

Trial day published


These are the pieces of work that I completed during my trial day with the Hull Daily Mail.

I was great to see my name in the paper, especially as it has been a staple in our household since I was young. Having my work published will be great for my portfolio, and it gives me motivation to keep working hard in order to make it a regular occurrence.

These articles will be the first to appear in my compilation of work for this assignment.

Trial day- Hull Daily Mail

Before being confirmed as a features intern, I spent a day in the office for a work trial. As I have previously completed some work experience with a smaller newspaper I was slightly familiar with the layout, however not on such a large scale.

Once I was sat down and introduced to the team, straight away they set me off working on a column for the Femail supplement. After this I produced a couple of fashion pieces, one being a celebrity look pictorial and the other a section named ‘6 of the best’.

Although just a trial day, it was great that they let me produce my own content that would appear in the Femail supplement. Although slightly nervous at first due to being asked to write a column about my subject of choice without any guidelines, it was a great experience to work with other journalists in a newsroom and for my work to appear in the next week’s issue.

It was also interesting to see the software they use to create the pieces in each edition. This will be useful to learn how to use as it may be a programme that I would need to use in the future after university.

I will now be working at the Hull Daily Mail on a Tuesday and Wednesday to carry on producing work for the paper.

Hull Daily Mail- background

The Hull Daily Mail is a daily tabloid newspaper for the city of Hull. First founded in 1885, it is published every day except for a Sunday, and covers news in Hull and the surrounding areas in East Yorkshire.

As the largest selling regional newspaper in Yorkshire, it is published by Mail News and Media, and has a readership of approximately 170,000. It has won the Yorkshire and the Humber Daily Newspaper of the Year in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

As well as a daily newspaper, the Hull Daily Mail has a website which hosts the same news, as well as other pages such as ‘buy and sell’ and job opportunities.

It also has a range of supplements that are published throughout the week, such as ‘Femail’ and monthly magazine ‘The Journal’.

Femail is published every Tuesday and is a women’s interest supplement. It contains fashion and beauty tips, as well as features on local women and columns on a variety of different subjects. The Journal focuses on the people of East Yorkshire, and includes longer features on subjects such as food and fashion.

Creative futures- overview

For our creative futures assignment we need to work with a client to realise a commercially- orientated project, evidencing our analysis, research, flexibility and reflective practices. This enables us to put into practice employment and employability skills that we’ve developed through the course.

For my assignment I am working with the Hull Daily Mail to produce a variety of content that will appear both in the newspaper and in supplements that are published throughout the week. I have decided on this as I currently work as in intern at the paper and have enjoyed the time I have spent there so far.

The majority of my work will be found in the Femail supplement, which is released every Tuesday. This will include fashion pieces such as celebrity style articles, as well as a column that varies in subject week to week.

I will also have some pieces published in the monthly magazine named The Journal, and in the main paper itself in the form of news articles.

To evidence my analysis and research I will produce reflective blog posts, noting my thoughts on how things are progressing, as well as things I have found difficult or have particularly enjoyed.