Networking progress and story ideas

Having worked with several bloggers living in Hull, I am now in contact with many of them. From this, they have got in touch about my going along to their meeting for me to write a story about.

I was very happy about this, as they are keeping me in mind when they have anything that would be worth writing about rather than me getting in touch with them.

From the bloggers I have also found several other stories that I have put forward, one such being the feature I have written about being Merryhide.

I am now putting forward several ideas on a regular basis that could possibly featured in both Femail and The Journal. I feel like I am contributing a lot, and it shows I am interested in both finding and writing stories myself. It also shows that I am using my initiative, instead of just being told what to do.

Suggesting ideas also means I get the chance to write about things that I am interested in, gaining experience in the areas I would like to write about in the future.

Problems with the makeover feature

I recently encountered my first problem whilst interning at the Hull Daily Mail. As the features intern, I am in charge of organising the makeover feature, where a nominated woman is treat to a makeover. This includes notifying the different stores that take part, as well as the photographers and hairdressers.

Usually this isn’t too hard, as I notify everyone as soon I as know the information myself. However, a week before a makeover was suppose to take place, the store rang to say they couldn’t take part on the chosen date. As the hairdressers have previously mentioned how they don’t like things being last minute I was slightly worried to let them know that we would have to change the date.

However, I emailed them explaining why, and they replied saying that it wasn’t a problem. I then had to notify the nominee, as well as the photographers, which was straight forward.

I was glad that I managed to sort out the situation within the same day, so if anything else happens in the future I know that I am capable of sorting things out quickly and efficiently.

Continuing writing The Hotlist

A few months after first starting to write The Hotlist, I am finding it a lot easier to produce. Previously taking at least half a day to complete, I can now finish it in a couple of hours, meaning I have more time to work on other ideas.

I know the sort of subjects that are included, which means I can search for the right sort of idea, instead of spending hours on the internet looking for something to write about.

Writing The Hotlist means I get good experience with writing smaller pieces, much like nibs. It can be hard to fit all of the information you want into such a small space, but I am now finding it easier to include the vital information and leave out unneeded details.

Writing a feature for Femail

Over the past few weeks I have been able to work on a feature that will go in the Femail supplement. Although I produce various different pieces, I haven’t written my own feature for it as yet. But I got the chance after a reader rang in to tell us my story.

Instead of Natalie writing the main feature, she asked if I would like to, which of course I agreed to. So I rang the reader and arranged an interview.

After meeting, I was happy with all of the questions I had asked her, and was excited to write the story as the woman I was writing about was friendly and had a great story. It took me a few hours to write up the article, but I was happy with how it read, and should be published in the next issue of Femail.

I am really happy with how my interviewing skills are progressing. I used to be nervous before and worry about what I was going to say, but now I don’t hesitate to organise interview. Although I am still a little nervous beforehand, I think I am a lot better than at the beginning of my internship.

I am also a lot more comfortable speaking on the phone, not worrying when I have to make a call to find out extra information.

Second article

The second article I have written is about the upcoming wedding fayre being hosted at The Deep. The fayre is coming up this weekend so it is current, and fits nicely within the news and events categories.

I am happy that I am finally able to produce content for my website. I am aiming to post a different story at least once a week, so I can build up a substantial amount of content.

Noting fashion events

In order to make sure I don’t miss any fashion events that are happening in the area,  I am now regularly searching the internet for any that are taking place. Doing this means I am constantly in the know about anything that is happening, so I can stay up to date and make sure I can write current content, and don’t miss anything.

Research for Beverley post

One of the posts I am planning on creating in the future is a store index of Beverley. As a close town to Hull, it has a wide range of independent boutiques, so I thought it would be worth informing readers of the different places they can visit.

As I’m not too familiar with Beverley, I spent a day noting down the different stores that I can mention. This took a while as there are several stores, but I was happy that I went as now I have all of the information I need to create an index for the town.

Now I have all of the information I can get on with creating a map to embed on my website.