SEO and Headlines

During this session we had a look at how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is important for finding online content. We also learnt how it makes your website more visible, and higher up on search engines.

In order to do this you need to firstly think about what words people are searching for, avoid complicated words and abbreviations and to use keywords rather than puns.

Another way in which you can do this is put links in your text, as this pushes you up on search engines, and use tags appropriately.

Learning about SEO is great for us as students, as it gives us a way in which we can help to get our work noticed. I can also use this for my personal blog in order to gain viewers. It will also be useful for in the future, when working for companies that want their work noticed on search engines

self-initiated gantt chart updated

This is my updated version of my Gantt chart. I’ve added periods when I will be filming, as well as organising interviews and editing footage.

I feel that I am progressing well with my self-initiated project. I’ve filmed a good deal of footage, and when I couldn’t go ahead with my original plans I rearranged to get things done.

Rescheduled interviews

After missing my initial interview time due to being ill, I managed to rearrange some interviews for this morning after my first session.

I got short vox pops/ interviews from Lauren, Brad and Nicky, which I can now include in my promotional video.

I may also record some more interviews at a later date in case I need any more footage.

Documentary and Narrative Video 17/03/15

During this session we had a go with the cameras in an attempt to shoot an observational cinema style video. This is when you record footage, but it doesn’t include a narrative, interviews, or much interaction with the camera at all.

Working in groups, we went round the college shooting footage.

This was a great experience, as I hadn’t used the cameras before, so gave me a better idea of how to work them. This means I will be more prepared for when I shoot footage for my documentary for this assignment.

Introduction to statement of intent

During our last CATS lesson we had a look at writing our statement of intent.

This is an introduction to our dissertation, for which we write about our ideas that we would like to focus on.

It is to develop our current ideas, including a new challenge.

For our dissertations we will have a tutor that will help us along the way, that we can show our arguments and opinions. In order to do well we will need to read/ study extensively and keep records of our research.

In order to choose a subject we need to browse the library, and locate five initial sources.