University survey

As part of my self-initiated I have created a survey which will ask how people find out about their university courses.

I created the survey on the website survey monkey, with two key questions for people to answer.

These are ‘how would you/ did you find out about university courses’ and ‘what would attract you most to a university course’.

I have then posted the survey on my personal Facebook page, as a lot of my friends are at university.

I will also pass the survey on to students at my university, maybe a paper questionnaire to hand out to different classes.

Survey MonkeySurvey Monkey questions

Meeting with Jackie and John

After organising to chat about my project on the way to London, we had a chance to have a brief discussion on the Thursday afternoon.

My main idea is to promote the course through a video, advertising the different aspects of the course. This would include filming lectures, as well as events we attend such as journalism week.

Jackie and John thought this was a good idea, and told me to have a look at my tutor Sally’s promotional video that she produced. They would also like it to be uploaded to YouTube so they can embed it and use it on other sites such as Hyperfruit.

Other footage I can record is shots of Hull itself, to get an idea of what the city is like, and where HSAD is based. As well as this would be short interviews with students that could fit in at the end.

In addition to the video I am going to research how people find information on courses. I will do this by creating a survey, and asking students their thoughts. Also how they would like to give information on this, by email or by being given questionnaires.

Organising initial meeting with client

After hearing from John who said that I could go ahead with my self-initiated project, I decided to email Jackie to organise a meeting to discuss what plans I had, and if she had any ideas in mind.

Email to Jackie

However, I then went to see her as I realised she was in her office. We decided to speak on the trip to London this coming Wednesday of our plans.

In the office

Today whilst in the office I wrote up a few short articles that could be put on to the Vicky Martin website. I emailed James during the week with some ideas I had previously so it was great to do some work back on the fashion side.

I then produced a Hull FC piece which would go in the programme called head to head. This compares one past player with one present player. Although I had no idea who the players were, it gave some more knowledge about the sport and the players, which was great for me. I am slowly starting to understand a bit more about rugby and I’m glad I’m getting the chance to improve my skills!

Office work- Hull FC

After a meeting to decide when and what  would be involved in, we’ve decided that I will come into the office on a Monday afternoon and a Tuesday morning. This will be to complete articles that will be on the website and in the programme.

During reading week I spent a day in the office, during which I completed two short articles for the website. This gave me an idea of how to write for a sports website, which phrases to include etc.

I have also interviewed a fan over the phone for a piece that will appear in the programme, which helped to improve my interviewing skills.

JDM Promotion- change of client

After spending some time with my original client, I have decided that I do not have the knowledge to be able to use these for my self-initiated project. Also, I did not feel like I would be producing enough in order to do well in my assignment.

After speaking with John, I told him this and mentioned my plan B, creating a promotional video for our own course as my self-initiated project. He then spoke to Jackie, and they agreed that this would be okay, and that I could also produce some more content to help promote the course, which would also go towards my assignment. This means that my new client is HSAD.

I am looking forward to producing this work and working with HSAD, as it is something I am interested in and am knowledgeable about.