Which programme to use for web doc

Firstly I had a look at a website which had an eBook Maker top ten review. However, all of these programmes cost a lot of money, so I decided to look elsewhere. After looking at several different programmes such as SCRIBA- which is an eBook maker that creates eBooks using content already available from other documents, I have decided to use a programme called ‘Flipsnack’. I found it after searching on the internet, and is the best I could see for someone at my level of experience in the area, and which was free.

I had a look at Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator, and would probably use these in the future once I knew more about designing, but at the moment I have no idea how to design my own images.

On Illustrator especially, in class I had to keep asking classmates how to do things, which I know is how you learn, but every single thing I needed to do I had to ask! Which would not be too great when I work at home. I am going to keep learning how to use it in lessons and at home but for now I do not feel confident enough using it.

Flipsnack is a programme on the internet on which you create your page on word, and transfer the pages on to the programme, which then turns it in to a flip book.


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