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Klynt review

To assist with my web doc assignment I had a look at Klynt. This is an interactive editing and publishing application that is dedicated to creative storytellers.

It had mixed media editing, visual storyboards and is social media friendly. It also is quick for publishing and embeddable anywhere.

It would normally cost to use this, but I have a trial of the software on my computer so I could have a go. At first I found it really difficult to navigate, but I had a look at a tutorial which helped a little.

I still could not figure out how to add anything but text to each storyboard, however.

This screenshot shows how my web doc would be set out and how each page is connected.



What I am going to include

Here is what I would include in my web documentary:

  • Entry page. This will be the first screen you see when opening the page. From here you will be able to navigate to the home page of the web doc. I would like this to be a video of a catwalk, with models walking toward the screen. I would also like music to be playing; something like ‘New York Girls’ by Morningwood. You will only see this page once, as every other page would direct to the home page.
  • Home page. This will have links to all of the other pages in my web doc. I would like the music to continue on to here, however much quieter, like background music.
  • About page. This would give the history of Hull itself, and the background of fashion in Hull. This is to give the reader more of an idea about the area. I could include a slideshow of photos from Hull’s past and present. This would link back to the home page.
  • Events page. I would like this to have a map of Hull in the centre, in Hull Fashion Week’s colours- black, white and pink. A graphic would show where events were taking place, and clicking on each would take you to a different page giving information about the event. Each specific event page would link back to the main event page. The main event page would link back to the home page.
  • Guests. This would give information of the special guests that are appearing throughout the week. It would link back to the home page.
  • Sponsors. This would show who has sponsored the event.
  • The making of. This would show what has had to be done in order to get the fashion week up and running. It would include before, during and after the event, with some input from the organisers, such as video interviews.

Target Audience

The target audience for my web doc is anyone that enjoys fashion. As it is about Hull Fashion Week, it would mainly suit people who are interested in fashion. It could, however, also be suited to people that live in Hull. Although they may not be interested in fashion, they might like to see what is going on around the city and have a day out with the family. It could also be interesting to people who are looking at visiting Hull after winning the City of Culture 2017.


You would find my web doc connected to a local newspaper such as the Hull Daily Mail. This is so people living around Hull can get more information, and could use it whilst looking around the fashion week on their tablet or iPad. It could also be connected to the Hull Fashion Week website. Although the website itself has information of the events on, my web doc would have more information on the making of the fashion week, and about Hull itself.

Hull Fashion Week article

When you think of the fashion capitals of the World, Hull does not come to mind. When someone mentions fashion capitals, they think of London, Paris, New York, high profile locations teeming with designer stores.

Many people do not realise it, but Hull is full of fashion! If you want high end you can visit House of Fraser or Debenhams. But if you want to bag a bargain, Primark is only a five minute walk away. There is something for everyone.

Hull has three shopping centres, the originals Princes Quay and Prospect Centre, as well as the new St Stephens Centre, which is full of high street stores and places to eat. It even has its own gym and cinema.

Hull Fashion Week celebrates the fashion of Hull. It sees the city centre’s high street chains, independent boutiques, hairdressers and beauty parlours come together to exhibit their products across a week long style extravaganza’ (Hullfashionweek.co.uk). There are a huge range of events going on from 26th April until the 3rd May for all ages, getting involved is easy! Watch prom fashion shows and beauty demonstrations, make your own jewellery, there is so much to do. Maybe you’re thinking of creating a business in fashion? Attend the Business Breakfast Networking Event in House of Fraser- ‘make fashion your business’.

The whole thing is building up to the ‘Ultimate Catwalk Bonanza’, held at Hull City Hall on the 3rd May. A fashion show displaying each stores clothes, make up, hairdressing skills, it will be a perfect family day out.



Research- Breves de Trottoirs

This is another Web documentary that I really enjoyed looking at. It is called ‘Breves de Trottoirs’, which roughly translates to ‘Sidewalk Shorts’.

Created by Olivier Lambert and Thomas Salva, it is a web doc that tells the story of daily celebrities in Paris. Straight away when opening the site very Parisian music begins, before a wall of a building is made visible. The main graphic is a map, which you can click on to take you to each person. The map also shows which part of Paris you can find them in. I would like to use a map like this for my own web doc.

When you click on each, you get a wide range of media. A video about the person, an information sheet, photos and music used in the video are all available.

One in particular that I loved was about a man named Michel Godin des Mers. He is a man which travels around Paris, fighting for his rights on his self- made ‘cyclo- mobile’. Previously being known as a model and comedian, Michel is also a poet and artist, who sculpts fountains- which can be seen all over his cyclo-mobile.

Each video is in French but subtitles are shown below in order for the English to understand. I loved this web doc as it gave such an atmosphere of Paris itself.


Find this web doc here: http://paris-ile-de-france.france3.fr/brevesdetrottoirs/index.php/en/#/home

Research- Soul Patron

soul patron

As part of my research in to web documentaries, I came across one called Soul Patron. This is an interactive online documentary about Japan and Mizuko Jizo.

Mizuko Jizo is what the Japanese believe to be a guardian of children, especially those that have died before their parents, and those that were still born, aborted or miscarried. This is because it is believed that they are unable to make it to the afterlife, so Mizuko Jizo saves their souls, protecting them from demons.

The creator of this web doc says its purpose is to “feel the atmosphere of Japan, to learn something about the religion, culture and society”.

You understand the theme of the web doc immediately after reading the about page. The illustrations you first see are very appropriate, as well as the calming music that starts up. The home page is a collection of everyday things, but high up in the sky amongst the clouds, for example trees and power cables. It gives a great effect, especially the detail of the drawings, even including the ground, with roots from the ground suggesting they were ripped up from Earth. Everything is in black and white, apart from the pink lanterns scattered throughout.

It is non- linear in its story telling, meaning that you can go to any page you want instead of following a strict order. I really enjoyed this web doc, as I liked how the whole display was consistent with the theme.


Find this web doc at: http://www.soul-patron.com/

Initial Ideas

Here are some my first ideas for what to include in my web documentary:


Using a video of one of the previous catwalks at Hull Fashion Week as the header of every page. It gives an idea of what to expect and relates to the theme of my web doc. It would also look good if the rest of the page was purely text, as it would make it more interesting.


Creating a map of Hull, indicating specific events that are running during the week. I would make the map the same colours as those used on the Hull Fashion Week, pink, black and white. I would use these colours throughout my web doc to keep it consistent. Each event would be marked by a fashion symbol, such as a graphic of a shoe and a graphic of a dress.


Using the illustrations of women which are used on the Hull Fashion Week website. I thought they would like great alongside text.