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Mobile app, Flyer and Booklet

These are the three platforms we decided to use for our advertising campaign.

We decided on a flyer because it would be a great way to let the target audience know, i.e. the people of Hull. This is because people often visit the city centre, so handing them out there would mean they would distribute quickly.

The mobile app is also a really quick way to find out information, all you need to do is tap a button and the app is downloaded.

The booklet of sights of Hull would be great to add to a newspaper such as the Daily Mail. It would then give people not from Hull a view of what there is to do.

Hull Typography

This is one of the ideas we had when thinking of designs.
We had the idea of gradually increasing the size of the font, reflecting how Hull has grown over the years- which would fit in with the theme of evolution.
Although we never got past the stage of sketching this idea, I thought I would mock up how it would look for my blog.

Looking back at this idea, it could also represent the Humber Bridge , and lines could be added to give the impression.

Individual work

My task to complete in our group assignment was to create a mock up of a booklet that would include the sights of Hull.

I decided I want to keep my idea consistent with other member’s of the groups designs, so worked from the same colours and used circles, which are incorporated in every design.

I worked from the CMYK blue colour: C- 75, M- 22, Y-0, K-0, and used a darker blue CMYK: C90, M- 77, Y-0, K-0 to create circles for my front and back cover.

I used two different fonts- Century Gothic for my title, and Ariel for my hashtag. Both are sans serif fonts, so quite informal, which is the look I was going for.

Colour scheme

We decided that we would use the colours that are currently used regarding the City of Culture. These are pink, purple, green and blue.

These are the CMYK colours we are using:

Blue – C75 -M22 -Y0 – K3

Purple – C 20 – M100 – Y0 – K40

Green – C70 – M0- Y100 – K9

Pink – C6 -M70 – Y0 – K0


CMYK stands for ‘Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black’. This is the format that images are printed on paper. This is different to RGB, which stands for ‘Red Green Blue’, which is associated with electronic displays.

Guerilla Advertising

Whilst looking at different ways to advertise our campaign, I had a look at Guerilla Advertising.

Guerilla advertising ‘takes consumers by surprise, makes an impression and pops up where and when people do not expect it’ (creative guerrilla advertising). They are often for all members of the public- not having a specific target audience.

Here are some great examples I found:

golf gti

ugly betty

true blood


Find more here: http://www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com/guerrilla-marketing/the-80-best-guerilla-marketing-ideas-ive-ever-seen/

Types of advertising- Last Minute

last minute

This is a great example of interactive advertising. The aim is for members of the public to write down what they would do in their last minute. As well as being interesting to see what others have wrote, it is a perfect way to advertise, as it is memorable, and word would spread, advertising the company by word of mouth.

Also, it is for all members of the public, there is no target audience as it would be interesting to everyone.

Interactive advertising

As time moves on, there are so many more type of advertising than just on television and on print.

For example, this interactive advertisement from Pedigree:


This allows passers by to interact with the advert. They can help to train the dog on the screen, including throwing them a Pedigree Dentabone- which is coincidentally what they are advertising. At the end it shows you a link to go to when you get home It is great for all ages and advertises the product really well!

In the future we can expect a lot more advertising like this, as more and more technology is produced.

First idea


This was my first idea for my booklet. After looking at Kai’s design of the flyer, I wanted to use the same sort of theme to keep it consistent.
However, I was not keen on this first idea of mine.
I was going to use the same colours, and put circles in the same sort of place. Also I was going to include a photo of The Deep on the front.

Why we chose Hull City of Culture

As a group, we chose to create an advertising campaign for the Hull City of Culture, instead of for the Siemens Wind Farm. This is because we have more knowledge on this subject compared to Siemens.

Also, there is a lot more subjects that we could focus on, as so many events take place in Hull. Therefore it gave us more opportunity to be creative. We all live in Hull and have seen the work the city put in to get the title, so is a great subject for us to choose.

Porsche advertisement


This is an advert by Porsche. It took me a few seconds to realise the point of the advert, but when I did I thought it was really clever, and quite funny!

It is saying that their cars are so fast even leaves, which normally flow softly in the wind, are blown so fast by the car that they lodge in to a tree when it passes.

I like how it makes you think, instead of figuring it out straight away and moving on, leaving it unremembered.