Daily Archives: May 13, 2014

Writing for Purpose- Brief

For this semester I have to write two different news articles.


For the first article I need to visit a local market and find and write a 350 word original news article. This must include at least one interview.

I then need to write about which publication I think it would be suitable for and why.


For the second article I need to find and write a news story from an East Yorkshire voluntary organisation that would be suitable for the Hull Daily Mail. This needs to be 400 words and include at least one interview. I then need to explain why I think it is suitable for the Hull Daily Mail.

Inside of booklet

This is how the inside of my booklet would look. Each page would have different photos of Hull and the surrounding areas, giving people that don’t live in Hull an idea of what it looks like, as well as the main attractions.
I decided to keep the background white so not to take away from the photos.

Booklet back cover

Here is the back cover of my booklet for graphic design.
I have carried on the theme of circles that are on the front page, and have repeated the silhouette of Hull on to the back.
I have also added the twitter page and the hashtag on the back, so people know where to look if they want more information on the subject. It also shows what the booklet is for.

Booklet front cover

Here is the front cover for my booklet I have made for graphic design.
I have used both Century Gothic and Arial for my fonts.
On the bottom of the booklet is a silhouette of Hull.
The circles are a running theme throughout all of our campaign, as they represent unity, which is part of our theme of evolution.