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News article- Dementia Awareness Week

I decided to do my 400 word news article on Dementia Awareness Week, a campaign created by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Although a national campaign, the local branches are holding events in Hull throughout the week.

I decided to do my article on this as it is recent, and it is a charity voluntary organisation I believe in.

This article would work well in the Hull Daily Mail as it is about a campaign that is going on in the surrounding area, so would interest readers. Also it would give information to people who may not want to visit the events, or may be too scared to attend. By adding some information on dementia itself it means that it can help promote the campaign, and help individuals who may think they have dementia.

CATS reflection

This semester we looked at different journalists, with the aim to write a 2,000 word comparison essay on two different journalists of our choice.

During lessons we were shown different journalists from the past and the present, and had group discussions about their methods and our opinions on their work. I really enjoyed this, as before beginning this course I had little knowledge on other journalists outside of my interest zone. It gave me a chance to see how different professionals can be, and that although they are all successful they all have different writing styles. I have especially enjoyed the session we spent looking at John Pilger.

During this session we watched a video made by Pilger, showing what life is really like in countries that are experiencing conflict. He made me aware of different journalists that work in these environments, ones that are embedded with the army, and independent journalists. The embedded journalists rarely show what life is really like for people living in warzones, whilst the independent journalists really get to know the residents of these towns. They show exactly how it is and the hardships they face. It gave me a sense of how different journalists can be.

We were also given work to complete at home. This included comparison essays and researching specific journalists. One piece of work that I enjoyed was comparing two different photojournalists. I decided on Andrea Bruce and Patrick Brown, comparing the style of their photos, as well as their ethics and the places that they travelled to.

I also really liked researching a war journalist, for which I chose Clare Hollingworth. Considering I had never heard of her before, I was astonished at how much she had accomplished, and the fact that she is still alive at the age of 103, living in Hong Kong. She was the first person to report the start of the Second World War, and spent her whole life reporting in different countries. As I liked researching her, I decided I would write about her in my comparison essay.

For my essay I also decided to write about Christiane Amanpour. I decided on this after researching female War Correspondents on the internet, and finding her on the top of many influential journalist lists. I decided that I wanted to compare to female War Correspondents because not a lot are well known, although a lot have risked their lives in order to inform the public. After comparing both, I found a lot of differences between her and Clare Hollingworth in different aspects of their personal lives and careers.

Although I find this an interesting subject to write about, I found the essay rather hard, especially when writing about why they made their choices. However, after some initial feedback I managed to finish my essay to a standard I am happy with.

Overall I have really enjoyed this semester of CATS. I feel that I am now more knowledgeable about different journalists in different areas, and I now know more about some well known journalists.

News Article- Beverley Market

I think my news article on Beverley market would be suited for a local newspaper such as the Hull Daily Mail. This is because it is a story about a nearby town, and would affect a lot of people, for example the stall owners that come from all over the area and the residents of Beverley.

It would also be a form of advertising for Beverley Market, as people would see that it is open and the events that are happening, and would perhaps visit.

News Article- Beverley Market

NMTF visit Beverley’s Saturday Market

The National Market Traders Federation is set to attend the Beverley Market tomorrow in a bid to encourage the community to the visit more regularly.

 As part of a nationwide campaign to ‘persuade the shopping public to savour the joys of the UK’s retail markets’, the federation, better known as the NMTK, are planning a variety of events throughout the day for the public to enjoy.

Tomorrow also marks the relaunch of the Saturday market, after extensive refurbishment to the market square. Set to attend are both the Lord Mayor and East Riding of Yorkshire’s Town Crier.

Amongst the market’s 100 plus stalls, the NMTK will be holding face painting sessions and a treasure hunt for children to take part in. The Beverley Brass Band will also be playing a range of music at the market cross throughout the day.

Open from 8am until 4pm, the market has been running since the early 12th century, and sells a variety of locally sourced fresh produce, ranging from fruit and vegetables to homemade cheese and pastries. Also on sale are women’s accessories and pet supplies, amongst freshly grown flowers.

The campaign follows an appeal from the government for local authorities to consider the importance of local markets when looking at redeveloping the area. This comes after several markets around the UK, including Brighton and Dedworth, have recently closed due to falling numbers of visitors.

“I think the campaign is a great idea”, says Yvonne Russell, a resident from Beverley. “The market is a key part of Beverley’s history and hopefully will be here for years to come.”

The NMTK are visiting a selection of markets from around the country throughout the summer in order to promote the campaign.

Beverley Market is open for business every Wednesday and Saturday from 8am-4pm, and can be found in Beverley Town Centre.


Images for booklet cover

After some feedback from Dave, I decided to add a set of images of Hull on the front of the cover. This is because the front cover is so bare. I decided on adding some small images of Hull, giving the reader an example of what is inside. I found the images from Google.