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Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

For my website I visited Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair, which took place over the weekend. I decided that I wanted to take a range of photos of the event to include in a photo gallery page I have recently created.
However, after getting to the fair and having a look around, I realised I had forgotten my memory card for the camera I had borrowed from the university stores!
I was disappointed that I had done it, as I really wanted to get some good shots to make my website look professional. Instead I used my contingency plan of taking photographs from my phone. Although the photos aren’t as a good quality as they would have been on a professional camera, I think I got some good shots at different angles, which I have now uploaded to my website.

Creating a photo gallery page demonstrates a different skill to just writing. In the future I will definitely keep borrowing the camera to take to different events to fill up the photo gallery page.

Fashion show article

A recent piece I have written for my fashion website is about students from the Hull School of Art and Design taking part in a fashion show in York. As American Vogue’s Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour was there, I think it was a great story for my website, as it was recent and definitely something that stood out.
As I got to accompany the students to the fashion show, it meant I could get a first hand experience to write about, and also get some photos of the night. Although where I was sat I didn’t have a great view for photos, I took a few, as well as some videos, that I will include in the article.

Although I have found a few fashion news stories to write about, I need to start including other pieces on my website. I have had a few thoughts about this, and have decided to look into beauty reviews, guest bloggers and taking photos at different events. Now I have finished my dissertation these should be a lot easier to complete.

Second article

The second article I have written is about the upcoming wedding fayre being hosted at The Deep. The fayre is coming up this weekend so it is current, and fits nicely within the news and events categories.

I am happy that I am finally able to produce content for my website. I am aiming to post a different story at least once a week, so I can build up a substantial amount of content.

Noting fashion events

In order to make sure I don’t miss any fashion events that are happening in the area,  I am now regularly searching the internet for any that are taking place. Doing this means I am constantly in the know about anything that is happening, so I can stay up to date and make sure I can write current content, and don’t miss anything.

Research for Beverley post

One of the posts I am planning on creating in the future is a store index of Beverley. As a close town to Hull, it has a wide range of independent boutiques, so I thought it would be worth informing readers of the different places they can visit.

As I’m not too familiar with Beverley, I spent a day noting down the different stores that I can mention. This took a while as there are several stores, but I was happy that I went as now I have all of the information I need to create an index for the town.

Now I have all of the information I can get on with creating a map to embed on my website.

Hull stores information

Store information screenshotStore information screenshot 2One of the first pages I have created for my fashion website is a list of all of the city centre’s shopping centres and department stores. I have decided on this as people that aren’t from Hull can visit the website, and use this page as a guide of shopping in Hull.

I decided from the start that I wanted to include¬†a map on this page, as it would be a great way to display all of the information needed, including the location of each store. However, I don’t like the look of traditional Google maps, in my opinion the colours used wouldn’t suit my website. So I researched for programmes that would change the colour.

It was quite hard to find a programme that I could use for a range of different reasons, especially because I struggled to edit the coding that would be needed to change colours.

However, I came across a website called MapBuildr, which had a Plugin that I could install on WordPress. Using this I managed to create a map I was happy with, although you cannot view the information I added when you click on pointers on the map. To solve this I added the information underneath. I also added links to the website of each store.

I think in the future I will use more maps for other areas of Hull that have a range of stores, as it is a great way to visualise information.


Additional plugins

As well as the Plugins that were recommended to us, I have installed some extra plugins that I feel my website will benefit from. These are:

  • Mailchimp for WordPress- this allows people to sign up to my website.
  • Recent tweets widget- this is to display the website’s Twitter account, however, my theme doesn’t allow for widgets so I may have to think of some other way to do this.
  • Social media widget- displaying social media links. However, this is also a widget so might not work.
  • Events calendar- to show all fashion events happening in the area on my website.

Events plugin screenshot