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News Production reflection

Overall I enjoyed creating my own news piece.

After a three day workshop with Emma she set us the task of creating a 1- 1.30 minute news piece of our choice.

The workshop showed me how to use the cameras, and the best positioning to use for getting still shots that look good.

We also learnt some interview skills, and what a good news piece looks like.


I decided to do my piece on a local band from Hull called Breeze. They were great to work with, letting me record their rehearsals and go backstage for my interview. I had some trouble with sound on the interview so I had to redo this at a later date. I did all of this using the video cameras, and used a H2 voice recorder for my voiceover.

Although sometimes I did have trouble working the cameras, I am happy with my video, especially having creating it from nothing.

I also found it hard carrying everything around but I still managed to get all of the shots I wanted for my piece.



It was great that after showing our videos we spent the afternoon at Look North in Hull, having a look round the studio. It was a great experience that I doubt I would ever get if not completing this assignment.