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Creative advertising

I really want to make my video creative and eye catching. So I’ve had a look at some different creative adverts.

This one caught my eye because of the wide range of methods they use within the video. They use stop motion, animation, standard filming and many other effects that makes it fun and quirky.

I will explore the use of stop motion, and see how it fits in with my promotional video.

Creating a website/ facebook page

After being shown previous student’s work during our lesson today, it made me wonder if creating a website, or even a Facebook page for the course would be beneficial?

It could help to advertise the course, display students work and become more familiar with people interested in journalism.

I will chat to Jackie and John about this, to see what they think before creating one.

News Article- Beverley Market

I think my news article on Beverley market would be suited for a local newspaper such as the Hull Daily Mail. This is because it is a story about a nearby town, and would affect a lot of people, for example the stall owners that come from all over the area and the residents of Beverley.

It would also be a form of advertising for Beverley Market, as people would see that it is open and the events that are happening, and would perhaps visit.

Mobile app, Flyer and Booklet

These are the three platforms we decided to use for our advertising campaign.

We decided on a flyer because it would be a great way to let the target audience know, i.e. the people of Hull. This is because people often visit the city centre, so handing them out there would mean they would distribute quickly.

The mobile app is also a really quick way to find out information, all you need to do is tap a button and the app is downloaded.

The booklet of sights of Hull would be great to add to a newspaper such as the Daily Mail. It would then give people not from Hull a view of what there is to do.

Types of advertising- Last Minute

last minute

This is a great example of interactive advertising. The aim is for members of the public to write down what they would do in their last minute. As well as being interesting to see what others have wrote, it is a perfect way to advertise, as it is memorable, and word would spread, advertising the company by word of mouth.

Also, it is for all members of the public, there is no target audience as it would be interesting to everyone.

Security glass advert

security glass

This advert is famous for how daring it is. Real money is inside this security glass, and the company say that the glass is so strong no one would be able to get the money out.

I love how this is out in public, it hasn’t had to gain publicity from the television or on print, it would spread through word of mouth. Obviously it is targeted at people that would need security glass, such as high end businesses. I think this is overall very successful, and is so different from any other campaigns I’ve seen before.

Graphic Design Proposal

We are going to develop an advertising campaign regarding the City of Culture in 2017. As a group we will fully investigate the idea, and pitch our design ideas and delivery methods.

Our group includes Sarah Sparrow, Kai Gill, Lans Lister, Liam Walker and myself.

We have decided that Lans will produce a mobile app, whilst Kai and Sarah will be producing a flyer. I will be producing a booklet full of places in Hull.

We are also all producing an article to put on the mobile app.

For this assignment we will need to research the City of Culture, and produce initial ideas for each separate part. We will need to write the articles, discuss our initial ideas to produce final ideas. We will then need to discuss our work so far and discuss what else we could do to improve our ideas.

The only problem we may face in this assignment is working together as a group, as we all live in different areas. However, we can overcome this by interacting over social media, and decide times to meet up to work together.

If our original idea was to fail for some reason, we could decide to do only the mobile app and the flyer.