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The Style Lane

Style magazine screenshot 2 Style magazine screenshot

The Style Lane describes itself as ‘the definitive online fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine, tailored specifically for women who desire fast style without fuss.’

Although I have been struggling to find many online fashion magazines that are strictly online, this is a good example of with, with a professional layout and plenty of content. However, not a lot of the content is interactive, it follows more of a print magazine layout, with the majority of content being words and photographs.

For my own online fashion magazine I would like to include articles like this website, with mainly editorial, but I want to make sure I include plenty of multimedia to ensure interactivity with readers. This will include media such as video and audio.

Improving sound quality

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 14.19.05

One of the suggestions Jackie made was to improve the sound quality during the interviews. This is because it can be hard to hear over the backing music, which means the video loses some content.

I have managed to change this by editing the sound settings on the audio mixer. Although I did not know how to do this previously, after researching the subject I found the best way to fix the problem. I increased each audio setting, meaning the sound has increased enough to hear well.

4Docs- The Apology Line

Another website we were shown was 4Docs. This is a website that shows different documentaries, such as the one I watched called The Apology Line.

Though I found it strange to watch, the way they created the documentary in order to create an atmosphere was great. It is basically a short documentary with different people ringing a telephone number and apologising for different things they had done. This ranged from taking ten pounds from someone to cheating on their partner. Some of the calls were quite distressing, but created emotion well.

The footage shown had nothing to do with the audio, but played the role of helping to create atmosphere. All of the shots were in the dark, people getting ready for bed, scenes of cities whilst its raining.

The audio isn’t very clear, but creates the sound of a telephone call, which is what the documentary is all about.

Web doc- Events page

After clicking on the events link, this page will be brought up. The audio will still be playing.
This is a map of Hull City Centre, changed in to the Hull Fashion Week colours. The pink dots indicate where events are taking place.
When you click on these dots they bring up a pop up box that fills the page with information on each event.
By clicking on the word ‘back’ it would take you back to the home page.

Web Doc- Home page

Home page stage 2 jpeg

After clicking on the ‘enter’ button on the entry page, this is the page you are taken to. From here you can access the whole site. After you are finished on each page you will go back to this page to find the next.
I have used the same font as on my entry page, so it is consistent throughout.
When you pass the mouse over each photo, the photos will blur and the name of each page will show on the photo. For example, if you hovered your mouse over the photo of the make up artist, the photo would blur and text would appear saying ‘About’. You would then click on the text to get to the next page.
The audio would still be on the home page, and every other page on the web doc. If using on a tablet you would have to touch each photo for the text to come up. You would then touch the text to get to the page.
The top left photo would take you to the ‘About page’. The top right photo would take you to events page. The bottom left photo would take you to the sponsors page, and the bottom right photo would take you to ‘The Making of’.

Entry page

Entry page in bold


This is the first page you would see when you open my web doc.
The image in the middle would be a video, which would show models walking up and down the catwalk.
When you would move the mouse the word ‘Enter’ it would change to a bold font and to a pink colour, and when clicked on it would take you to the home page. You wouldn’t see this page again after clicking the enter button.
Audio would also be playing- the song ‘New York Girls’, by Morningwood.
If using an iPad/ tablet, the whole web doc would be horizontal so you would turn the iPad on its side. You would touch the enter button and it would take you to the home page.
I have used the font Century Gothic, as I thought it looked much like the font used on the Hull Fashion Week web page.
The mute button would turn the music off if it is being used in a place that doesn’t allow noise.

Research- Breves de Trottoirs

This is another Web documentary that I really enjoyed looking at. It is called ‘Breves de Trottoirs’, which roughly translates to ‘Sidewalk Shorts’.

Created by Olivier Lambert and Thomas Salva, it is a web doc that tells the story of daily celebrities in Paris. Straight away when opening the site very Parisian music begins, before a wall of a building is made visible. The main graphic is a map, which you can click on to take you to each person. The map also shows which part of Paris you can find them in. I would like to use a map like this for my own web doc.

When you click on each, you get a wide range of media. A video about the person, an information sheet, photos and music used in the video are all available.

One in particular that I loved was about a man named Michel Godin des Mers. He is a man which travels around Paris, fighting for his rights on his self- made ‘cyclo- mobile’. Previously being known as a model and comedian, Michel is also a poet and artist, who sculpts fountains- which can be seen all over his cyclo-mobile.

Each video is in French but subtitles are shown below in order for the English to understand. I loved this web doc as it gave such an atmosphere of Paris itself.


Find this web doc here: http://paris-ile-de-france.france3.fr/brevesdetrottoirs/index.php/en/#/home