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Overview of my Brochure/ reflection

The overall design of my brochure is inspired by hardback books. Particularly inspired by Alexa Chung’s book ‘It’, I have conceptualised my own book full designed to professionally promote myself.

For the outside I have used thick cardboard covered in light pink linen paper. For the pages inside I have decided to use a heavy stock paper, in an off white colour, like you would find in a book.

My theme throughout I have chosen is flowers. This is because I feel it suits the type of market I would like to work in- women’s magazines, and also because of their positive connotations. They also suited my brand identity well.

Overall I am pleased with the way my brochure has turned out. I would like to have taken my own photos, and also to have created more content to go inside.

By creating my brochure as a book, clients are more likely to pay attention to it, instead of throwing it in the bin like they would with a leaflet. Its distinct look would make it more eye-catching. Also its size is easy to carry around and put on a bookshelf/ coffee table.

Sixth and seventh pages of brochure

For my sixth page of my brochure I am going to place an inspirational quote. It will have something to do with my values in my professional life, and relate to the rest of my brochure.
I may use the same font as my name is in my brand identity, although I may use the Times New Roman font also in my brand identity. Although I do not know which yet it will make the brochure overall more consistent.
On my seventh page I am going to write me ‘about me’ section, in Times New Roman. I will use either grey or black font, and make the first letter larger than the rest, as if in a magazine. As I would like to work for a women’s magazine, I thought this would be appropriate. Nothing else will be on this page, so that the reader focus’s solely on the text.

Front cover of brochure

ImageFor my front cover I would use a thick cardboard, the same that is used on hardback books.  This would be covered in a light pink linen paper, preferably Pantone 1767.

My brand identity would be in the middle of the cover one third of the way down. The text would be debossed in to the cover, creating a glossy effect on the text.

This is all I would like on my cover. I think it makes the reader curious about what is inside, causing them to read on in order to find out.

The colour of the linen paper and my brand identity would suit each other well, and gives off the right connotations- feminine, thoughtful, intuitive, calming/ reassuring, and relieving feelings of anger and aggression.

Initial Ideas

So today I’ve figured out my general idea for my promotional brochure.

I’ve decided to design it as a sort of book/ diary, for which my inspiration is a book from Alexa Chung. Thealexa-chung-it cover is a linen texture, in a light pink, which I really like and would suit my brand identity well.

I’ve also decided that most of it will be photos and illustrations. I’ve never really drawn much before but thought it would look great in my brochure so I will have a go!

I would like to incorporate flowers somewhere in to the brochure, maybe on the inside cover.

I’ve had some advice from Dave which has gave me some good ideas to research further into. For example a double page spread of a the horizon.

Brochure examples


I like the contrast between the pink and the white in this brochure. I think for my own brochure I would like to use this sort of design, but with a light pink so to keep the consistency of my brand identity.Image

This brochure has spread a single photo over two pages, giving it a great look, especially in black and white. I would like to do this for my centrefold, with little or no text, maybe a simple quote.


Again, I like the contrast between the black and white. I think the birds make the page very interesting, but doesn’t take away from the text itself.


Creative packaging- final piece!


Here is my creative packaging, for which I have created a magazine cover in Illustrator, which would have all of my work inside. I have worked around my illustrated face I created on Photoshop, adding my brand identity at the top as if a title, and then added sub headings around the image, advertising what is inside. I have used the same font for the subheadings as I have used in my brand identity so to be consistent.

I would love to have another go at this when I have more experience in Illustrator and Photoshop, and would have added a background colour to the paper if I knew how.

This would be on a glossy paper, much the same as other magazines I read.

As I have written in an earlier post, I have decided to use a magazine cover as this is the main area of journalism I am interested in and would like to go into.

business card 5


business card 4


These were my final two ideas for my business card. I put back the de-bossing because I like the idea, and gives it something different to just plain paper.

I have put my contact details back in to the bottom left hand corner, and changed the words ‘Phone’, ‘Email’ and ‘WordPress’ to the same font as my name.

I’ve struggled to decide where I like my main brand identity, either in middle on the left hand side, or in the middle. After thinking for a while I’ve decided to go with the bottom image, with my brand identity in the middle, so that is the centre of attention.

This business card would be on a white, textured card and would be standard size, so it would fit in to people’s purses or wallets.

Business card idea 1

This is my first attempt at creating a business card. I have placed my updated brand identity in the top third of the card, with my contact details underneath in the centre.
For my contact details I have used Times New Roman, the same font I have used for ‘Journalism and Digital Media’.
In the background I have added a pattern, which in reality would be debossed into the card with no colour. I found this pattern in the pen tool, from some I had downloaded on to Photoshop. It would be the typical business card size- 84mm by 55mm, and in a thick, textured white card.
I like this design, but I think the debossing all over the business card makes it look a bit too busy, and I think it would make the text harder to read.

Final Brand Identity

I am finally happy with my brand identity! I feel that the new identity I have created mixes my feminine side and my professional side- with a script font and a serif font, and the pink and grey, which is what I wanted.

Picture 10

I feel that this will suit my initial ideas for my comp slip, letterhead and my business card.

I have used the font ‘Never Let Go’ for my name in a pastel pink, and the font ‘Times New Roman’ underneath in a slate grey. I have put extra spaces in between each letter to give a professional feel.