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Hull Daily Mail- renovation plans

£1.6 million has been secured to carry out renovations on the Fruit Market, which will include empty warehouses being transformed into new galleries, offices and cafes.

£800,000 of the fund will be going towards renovating the empty warehouse space.

City councillor Steven Bayes has said: “we’re delighted to have secured funding from the Coastal Communities Fund and the council has committed to co-invest in developing creative industries by match funding the bid.

“This is a sign of the growing recognition of the Fruit Market as an area of arts, culture, business and innovation within the wider region.”

These developments will retain industrial heritage architecture of the Fruit Market as a reminder of the area’s history.

JDM at Fruit- background research

A range of new businesses have now opened in the fruit market area ahead of the 2017 City of Culture.

New businesses opening include:

  • Alan Micklethwaite Sculpture- one of the country’s finest stone carvers
  • Eleven- a business that create handmade prints
  • Funky Furniture
  • Kingston Art Group
  • Museum of Club Culture
  • Oresome Gallery and Jewellery Workshop

business card 5


business card 4


These were my final two ideas for my business card. I put back the de-bossing because I like the idea, and gives it something different to just plain paper.

I have put my contact details back in to the bottom left hand corner, and changed the words ‘Phone’, ‘Email’ and ‘WordPress’ to the same font as my name.

I’ve struggled to decide where I like my main brand identity, either in middle on the left hand side, or in the middle. After thinking for a while I’ve decided to go with the bottom image, with my brand identity in the middle, so that is the centre of attention.

This business card would be on a white, textured card and would be standard size, so it would fit in to people’s purses or wallets.

business card 3


I thought I’d have a go at making my business card quite minimal, so I took away the de-bossing altogether. This was the idea I first had when I was told I had to make a business card, but I think it is too plain and wouldn’t stand out from others. I do like the contact details in the same font as my name though, so I will experiment further with this. Also I couldn’t fit in my WordPress account, as it would have looked too busy.

business card 2


For this business card I moved the debossing to the right hand side, so not to get in the way of the text.

I have moved my brand identity to the top left hand side and my details in to the bottom right.

I like this design, but I think it has too much of a gap in the middle between the writing.

Business card idea 1

This is my first attempt at creating a business card. I have placed my updated brand identity in the top third of the card, with my contact details underneath in the centre.
For my contact details I have used Times New Roman, the same font I have used for ‘Journalism and Digital Media’.
In the background I have added a pattern, which in reality would be debossed into the card with no colour. I found this pattern in the pen tool, from some I had downloaded on to Photoshop. It would be the typical business card size- 84mm by 55mm, and in a thick, textured white card.
I like this design, but I think the debossing all over the business card makes it look a bit too busy, and I think it would make the text harder to read.

Business Card Design- so far!

During class I have worked on a design for my business card. I initially wanted a design de-bossed onto the paper, but I am finding it really hard to draw a design on Illustrator.

After several attempts at tracing different patterns I found on google, I tried tracing another I found, a simple flower design. I thought it would like nice with my brand identity, and the flowers worked well with the type of writing I like the most- women’s interests.

After tracing the pattern with the pen tool on Illustrator, I moved the pattern away and started playing with the different colours available. I found this nice light pink colour that would work well with the pink from my brand identity, so I have decided that instead of making it de-bossed, I am going to keep it on the paper as a graphic in colour. Here is my finished product.


I will keep playing with the design, and add my brand identity and contact details over the top.

Business Card Idea

After speaking to a friend during class about my idea of having a scented business card, he generously came up with an idea for different smelling cards, one for each different target audience. You can see his mock up of this below.

Scented business card

Although I like this idea, I have decided against having a fragranced card after talking with Dave in lesson, as not everyone likes the same smell, and it would give the worst first impression if they didn’t like my business card!

Perhaps if I became more established in the future with contacts in the journalism industry, I could pick up this idea.

Initial Sketches






After researching different business cards and creative packaging I have come up with some basic designs of how I would like my work to look. After looking through these, I have decided I am going to create mock ups of a business card, a letterhead, a comp slip and a magazine style portfolio.

More ideas for Graphic Design

-Sending with my CV and portfolio a reusable bag. It would have my logo on, or a nice pattern with my logo somewhere on the bag where it can be seen. I think this is a good idea as it can be used to carry pretty much everything, and is useful as well as a good way for people to advertise for you.

– Scenting my business card. I came up with this idea when reading my magazine. As they always contain samples of different perfumes, I always get a nice smell when I pick it up and when I’m reading it. The problem with this though is that not everyone likes the same smells, meaning that it could result in a love/ hate relationship with the receiver. Also I cannot find a link to Journalism, so has no other explanation other than I myself would like it.