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Noting fashion events

In order to make sure I don’t miss any fashion events that are happening in the area,  I am now regularly searching the internet for any that are taking place. Doing this means I am constantly in the know about anything that is happening, so I can stay up to date and make sure I can write current content, and don’t miss anything.

Additional plugins

As well as the Plugins that were recommended to us, I have installed some extra plugins that I feel my website will benefit from. These are:

  • Mailchimp for WordPress- this allows people to sign up to my website.
  • Recent tweets widget- this is to display the website’s Twitter account, however, my theme doesn’t allow for widgets so I may have to think of some other way to do this.
  • Social media widget- displaying social media links. However, this is also a widget so might not work.
  • Events calendar- to show all fashion events happening in the area on my website.

Events plugin screenshot

Documentary and Narrative Video- Story basics

A story is the telling of an event, which is crafted to the interest of audience members.

Key terms:

Exposition: information that grounds you in a story- who, where, when, why etc. It gives the audience the general tools they need.

Theme: general underlying subject, a recurring idea.

Arc: ways in which events of a story transform characters.

Plot and character: character driven is when actions emerge from the wants and needs of the characters. Plot driven is when characters are second to the events that make the plot.

Point of view: describes the perspective from which the story is told.

Telling detail: things such as ash trays etc.

Vicky Martin

After the photo shoot I spent some time working in the office, producing content for the blog on the website. This included interviews with models, pieces on events that Vicky Martin will be attending, and features on the new collection that was released.

This was great to start working on pieces that really interested me, as fashion I my main interest. It gave me a good idea of how to write small pieces, which included all of the needed information.

I also spent time working on their social media accounts, recording twitter followers of Vicky Martin with a certain amount of followers themselves. This was so we could send them dresses and other garments for them to try out and blog about.

Although this took a while to collect, I got a good idea of the sort of people that are interested in the fashion line. I also got a feel of the different jobs needed to do in order to market a fashion line.

Fruit Space

“Fruit is an exciting unique venue dwelling in the beautiful Hull Marina streets. From live music gigs to belly tickling comedy, from cutting edge theatre productions to local produce and vintage markets, from exciting popcorn crunching cinema screenings to underground club nights, from diverse festivals to charity events- and so much more brought to the Hull entertainment scene.”

This is one of the main attractions at the moment in the Fruit market area. It attracts a whole range of different audiences, from the young to the old.

Fruit Space host live bands, comedy acts, cinema screenings, quiz nights, and a lot more on different nights of the week so there is almost always something on to see no matter what day you choose.

They also host events such as the art and beer night coming up, at which people have “the chance to meet, greet and talk art with fellow Hull creatives.” This is also a place for people interested to discuss ideas for the up and coming Humber Street Sesh, a music festival which takes place in the fruit market area.

News article- Dementia Awareness Week

I decided to do my 400 word news article on Dementia Awareness Week, a campaign created by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Although a national campaign, the local branches are holding events in Hull throughout the week.

I decided to do my article on this as it is recent, and it is a charity voluntary organisation I believe in.

This article would work well in the Hull Daily Mail as it is about a campaign that is going on in the surrounding area, so would interest readers. Also it would give information to people who may not want to visit the events, or may be too scared to attend. By adding some information on dementia itself it means that it can help promote the campaign, and help individuals who may think they have dementia.

News Article- Beverley Market

I think my news article on Beverley market would be suited for a local newspaper such as the Hull Daily Mail. This is because it is a story about a nearby town, and would affect a lot of people, for example the stall owners that come from all over the area and the residents of Beverley.

It would also be a form of advertising for Beverley Market, as people would see that it is open and the events that are happening, and would perhaps visit.

News Article- Beverley Market

NMTF visit Beverley’s Saturday Market

The National Market Traders Federation is set to attend the Beverley Market tomorrow in a bid to encourage the community to the visit more regularly.

 As part of a nationwide campaign to ‘persuade the shopping public to savour the joys of the UK’s retail markets’, the federation, better known as the NMTK, are planning a variety of events throughout the day for the public to enjoy.

Tomorrow also marks the relaunch of the Saturday market, after extensive refurbishment to the market square. Set to attend are both the Lord Mayor and East Riding of Yorkshire’s Town Crier.

Amongst the market’s 100 plus stalls, the NMTK will be holding face painting sessions and a treasure hunt for children to take part in. The Beverley Brass Band will also be playing a range of music at the market cross throughout the day.

Open from 8am until 4pm, the market has been running since the early 12th century, and sells a variety of locally sourced fresh produce, ranging from fruit and vegetables to homemade cheese and pastries. Also on sale are women’s accessories and pet supplies, amongst freshly grown flowers.

The campaign follows an appeal from the government for local authorities to consider the importance of local markets when looking at redeveloping the area. This comes after several markets around the UK, including Brighton and Dedworth, have recently closed due to falling numbers of visitors.

“I think the campaign is a great idea”, says Yvonne Russell, a resident from Beverley. “The market is a key part of Beverley’s history and hopefully will be here for years to come.”

The NMTK are visiting a selection of markets from around the country throughout the summer in order to promote the campaign.

Beverley Market is open for business every Wednesday and Saturday from 8am-4pm, and can be found in Beverley Town Centre.


Information on Hull Fashion Week

Throughout the week 26th April- 3rd May, events are happening throughout the City Centre involving Hull Fashion Week. This is the only fashion week that happens in Hull, and it is said that it is going to be better than ever before.

Partners and sponsors of the fashion week are HullBid, V HEY, Prospect Shopping Centre, St Stephens, Princes Quay, House of Fraser and Debenhams, all of which are getting involved during the week.

The week starts off with a prom dress fashion show, taking place in House of Fraser on 26th April. This will include customers being able to get makeovers by make up brand Benefit Cosmetics.

On 27th April Oresome Gallery and Jewellery Workshop are holding a paper jewellery workshop. This is taking place on Humber Street and will be from 1-3pm. It is free to attend.

On 30th April a Beauty Festival and Evening Lock in will be held at Debenhams, in aid of Dove House. From 6-8pm, workshops, demos and colour consultations will be held for ticket holders- which are £5 each. Spray tans are also available, as well as goody bags, vouchers, prizes and entertainment.

House of Fraser are holding a Business Breakfast Networking event, ‘Making fashion your business’. Held from 7.30-8.30am, it is free to attend, and all people that attend will receive a goody bag.

The finale will be held at Hull City Hall on the 6th May. This will include catwalks showcasing high street fashion, stalls running throughout the day and performances from dance groups across the city. Special guests Luke Chambers (aka rapper Nineties Boy) and Lizzie Rose, a presenter from BBC Radio Humberside, will be presenting throughout the day

Web doc- Events page

After clicking on the events link, this page will be brought up. The audio will still be playing.
This is a map of Hull City Centre, changed in to the Hull Fashion Week colours. The pink dots indicate where events are taking place.
When you click on these dots they bring up a pop up box that fills the page with information on each event.
By clicking on the word ‘back’ it would take you back to the home page.