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Filming last pieces of footage

Over the past few days I have filmed my last pieces for my promotional video.

This has involved filming students holding up pieces of card, each writing what they love about the course. I think it make it more interesting than just panning shots of different views. It gives the student’s a voice, involving them in the promotional video.

I also filmed a student interviewing in the college, showing different aspects of the course. It shows the use of technology on the course, and how much practical we do, instead of just theory.

I may need to film a few more shots to finish off my video, which I will do on the Sunday if need be.

Creative advertising

I really want to make my video creative and eye catching. So I’ve had a look at some different creative adverts.

This one caught my eye because of the wide range of methods they use within the video. They use stop motion, animation, standard filming and many other effects that makes it fun and quirky.

I will explore the use of stop motion, and see how it fits in with my promotional video.

Self-initiated tutorial

During this morning’s lecture I had a tutorial with John about my progress so far on my promotional video.

I told him how far I was, how much filming that was left to do, and we had a chat about what sort of things I need to do to further my video.

We discussed the structure of my video, which I need to decide on before editing the video. He said that I needed to find to hook the viewer at the beginning of the video so they will keep watching, and choose HSAD over other universities.

He mentioned that I should have a look into different promotional videos that have already been created to get an idea of how I want my own video to look.

I’ve took this on board and will start to look in to these areas. After this chat I have had a few ideas that I would like to try out to make the video stand out, which I will try and then blog about in the future.

I’m really glad we got the chance to discuss my progress, as I wanted to make sure I was on the right track, and wasn’t forgetting anything important. I’m going to meet with Jackie and John possibly next week with all of my footage and paperwork, so they can check my progress and let me know about anything that they feel is important to include in the promotional video.

Filming for promotional video

Over the Easter holidays, whilst filming the fashion week for another assignment, I filmed some shots of Hull City Centre to use in my promotional video. This is because in my survey, the location of university came out as one of the most important factors when deciding on a university.

Although focusing mainly on another assignment over the holidays, I feel like I am progressing well with my self-initiated project. I need to edit my footage together, which I will when my hard drive has been delivered as I don’t have a memory stick big enough to hold all of the footage.

Filming shots of Hull

During the Easter holidays I am going to record some shots of Hull City centre, as location was seen as important in the feedback I got from my surveys.

This will include the shopping centres, different scenic views of Hull, as well as other popular places that are nearby the college and student accommodation.

self-initiated gantt chart updated

This is my updated version of my Gantt chart. I’ve added periods when I will be filming, as well as organising interviews and editing footage.

I feel that I am progressing well with my self-initiated project. I’ve filmed a good deal of footage, and when I couldn’t go ahead with my original plans I rearranged to get things done.

Reflection 17/03/15

So far I am feeling confident with my self-initiated project. I am keeping up to date with my progress reports and I have completed some filming which will go towards the promotional video.

I’ve organised some interviews, and have collected some recording equipment ready to record parts of the Journalism Day tomorrow.

I am also helping out with the streaming of the event in the afternoon to increase my video skills. This will give me more experience of how the cameras work, which will therefore help me with my promotional video, as well as other assignments this semester.

I am also going to hand out some surveys to students at the journalism day to gain more feedback from different demographics and target markets.