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Changing the titles

Another change I needed to make after receiving feedback from Jackie was the titles I had used at both the beginning and the end.

Instead of writing ‘at the Hull School of Art and Design’ I have wrote ‘at Hull School of Art and Design’. This is because it is the school’s official title.

This was easily changed and means my promotional video has the right title of HSAD.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 14.28.49

Interviewing Jackie

After postponing my interview with Jackie last week, we rearranged for a later date. We met on the Thursday during our news day and collected all the footage I needed for my promotional video.

I asked her three main questions:

  • Could you give a brief introduction about this course?
  • What makes JDM unique?
  • Why study JDM at HSAD.

I got some great answers, which really reflect the course and give an idea of what it is like. However, the interview is over ten minutes long. I am aiming for my promotional video to be around four minutes maximum, so I will need to cut it down to be able to use.

I may also publish the interview as a whole, as an extra for potential students to watch to get a more detailed explanation of the course. This means that the interview won’t be wasted.

Reshooting footage

After playing back some footage I recorded on Monday, I have decided to reshoot them on another day. This is because it is quite shaky, and I wouldn’t be happy putting it in my video.

These shots included views of Queen’s Gardens and different signs around Hull. They will show where the university is based, and some of the scenery we have around HSAD.

Final shot of promotional video

At the end of my promotional video I have decided to include the contact information for both HSAD and the JDM course itself. This means that if they like the look of the course, they can get in contact and find out how to apply.

I think it would finish off the video well, giving a clear ending.

It would also help to advertise the course further, even if people do not apply they can add us on Twitter or follow Hyperfruit.

Initial storyboards

  These are my initial storyboards for my promotional video. They include all of the footage I have shot so far, as well as some I plan to record. The order will most probably change, and I will make higher quality storyboards online, but I thought it was important to have a basic plan before progressing.

Creating the storyboard helped me to think of different ways I can structure my video, as well as different techniques I could use.

Self-initiated tutorial

During this morning’s lecture I had a tutorial with John about my progress so far on my promotional video.

I told him how far I was, how much filming that was left to do, and we had a chat about what sort of things I need to do to further my video.

We discussed the structure of my video, which I need to decide on before editing the video. He said that I needed to find to hook the viewer at the beginning of the video so they will keep watching, and choose HSAD over other universities.

He mentioned that I should have a look into different promotional videos that have already been created to get an idea of how I want my own video to look.

I’ve took this on board and will start to look in to these areas. After this chat I have had a few ideas that I would like to try out to make the video stand out, which I will try and then blog about in the future.

I’m really glad we got the chance to discuss my progress, as I wanted to make sure I was on the right track, and wasn’t forgetting anything important. I’m going to meet with Jackie and John possibly next week with all of my footage and paperwork, so they can check my progress and let me know about anything that they feel is important to include in the promotional video.

Rescheduled interviews

After missing my initial interview time due to being ill, I managed to rearrange some interviews for this morning after my first session.

I got short vox pops/ interviews from Lauren, Brad and Nicky, which I can now include in my promotional video.

I may also record some more interviews at a later date in case I need any more footage.

Shot list

This is a list of shots that I am planning for my promotional video. Although these may change when I start shooting, it is a guideline of the sort of shots that I need.

Shot of St Stephens

Shot of Princes Quay

Shot of Queen’s Gardens

Shot of HSAD

Shots of Journalism day

Shots of news days

Shots of London visit

Shots of photography classes

Shots of Nicky and Lauren filming HSAD fashion show

Shots of students working on graphic design

Shots of teaching classes

Interviews with students and staff

Shots of students chatting in spare time

Shot of Nicky and Lauren presenting their project to the Lord Mayor.

Meeting with Jackie and John

After organising to chat about my project on the way to London, we had a chance to have a brief discussion on the Thursday afternoon.

My main idea is to promote the course through a video, advertising the different aspects of the course. This would include filming lectures, as well as events we attend such as journalism week.

Jackie and John thought this was a good idea, and told me to have a look at my tutor Sally’s promotional video that she produced. They would also like it to be uploaded to YouTube so they can embed it and use it on other sites such as Hyperfruit.

Other footage I can record is shots of Hull itself, to get an idea of what the city is like, and where HSAD is based. As well as this would be short interviews with students that could fit in at the end.

In addition to the video I am going to research how people find information on courses. I will do this by creating a survey, and asking students their thoughts. Also how they would like to give information on this, by email or by being given questionnaires.