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Hull fashion students interview

The more time I spend at the Hull Daily Mail, the more chance I get to organise my own stories that appear. This is something I really enjoy, as it is always nice to be able to write about your interests.

One feature I particularly enjoyed writing was about a group of Hull fashion students going to a fashion show to show their designs to Vogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. It was great interviewing the students, if not a little nerve-wracking interviewing around 20 people all at the same time.
I also got to go along to the fashion show, which was great for me on both a personal and professional level. It meant I got to know the girls a bit better, and also got a better idea of what I was writing about.
The story gained the front page of the Femail supplement, and also got a double page spread inside which I was really happy with.

Operetta restaurant review

Recently I once again got the chance to write a restaurant review for the Weekend supplement. After going for a meal with friends, I mentioned it in the office, and they asked if I’d like to write a review about it.

Of course I jumped at the chance, as I have previously liked writing reviews. When speaking about how it should read, I was told it needs to be not just about the food, rather about the atmosphere, appearance and overall feel of things. This helped my to write the review, which I hope I have done a good job with.

I am looking forward to seeing the review published, but as it was quite a large word count, I am not sure on how much will be changed.

Makeover feature

Now I have been the features intern for a few months, I am now in charge of both organising and writing up the makeover features, which are published every two weeks.

This is something I really enjoy, as it is nice to be able to treat a stranger who really deserves it, and being the one to tell them about it all.

After organising a date with the nominee, I inform the hairdressers, photographers and relevant store. This sounds straight forward, but making sure everyone has the right information and date has been surprisingly hard, as sometimes I struggle to get in touch with the right people.

However, I make sure that everything is sorted by the day, ringing the nominee the week before to ensure they have all of the right information.

After the makeover takes place, it is then my task to get feedback from the nominee, hairdresser, make-up artist and store, which I then write up for the article. For the hairdressers I do this through email, but for the store and nominee I ring them for the feedback.

It is great when the overall feature is printed, as it shows that I can manage to both organise everything, as well as chase up the feedback and write the whole article also.

Tried and tested content

Something that I am struggling with recently whilst at the Hull Daily Mail is gaining enough samples to be able to use for the tried and tested column. In order to receive samples, I need to reply to PR companies that have emailed myself for them to send them over.

However, at the moment I am not receiving many emails from PR companies. To solve this I will need to start networking with them, and perhaps ask if they have any they could send. This would solve the problem easily.

In the meantime, instead of grouping products together, I am producing columns which have a range of beauty products featured. This means I can review the products which are hard to group together, such as eyebrow strengthening oils.

Making the front page

After writing up my fashion designer feature, I was excited to find out that it had made the front Page of The Journal. This is a real achievement for me, and I am really happy with how it has turned out. This is the front page of The Journal, with one of the photos that I organised to be taken on the front.

This has motivated me even more to work hard to hopefully make more front pages!

Personal progress so far

As I spend more time at the Hull Daily Mail, I am becoming more and more confident. When I get into the office I am able to answer any emails that I need to, and get on with the work I have to complete. I have a range of work to complete whilst here, and sometimes some added extras such as news stories and features.

Although I don’t like being on the phone, I don’t hesitate to ring someone if I need to, the same with meeting people for interviews. I have found that I am also becoming less nervous and just get on with what I need to do.

There are a few things I would like to do whilst there, such as perhaps setting up some fashion shoots like was mentioned in my interview, so I will need to mention this whilst in the office to see if it is a possibility. Whilst in the office I would like to gain as much skill in my chosen areas as possible so hopefully this will be something I can do.

Improvement with street style

Going out for the street style feature is now becoming a regular thing, as two are used each week so they are used up quickly. Once again I went out with photographer Kate, who is really enthusiastic and makes me enjoy going out more.

This time I found that I didn’t need to keep looking at my questions, which meant I could keep more of a conversation up with the people we were asking.I also learnt, from watching Kate during asking the public, to compliment them whilst asking them to stop and speak with us. This makes us seem more friendly, so they are more likely to stop and have a chat.

Although I don’t particularly enjoy stopping people in the street, I am becoming more familiar with it and I feel a bit more confident when doing so. I know that this may be a major part of being a journalist and perhaps part of my job when I graduate so I make sure I put my all into it and try my best each time we go out.

Femail Twitter progress

I am really happy with the progress I have made so far on the Twitter account. I regularly schedule tweets using Tweetdeck for during the week for when I am busy, and follow the relevant accounts for a fashion/ lifestyle supplement.

I have gained an extra 34 follows in the time I have been running the account, which I am very happy with. I also have frequent retweets and favourites.

A technique that I use to help increase followers is mention those that are included in the most recent edition of Femail. They then retweet and give more page impressions and sometimes leads to more followers.

I will continue with the twitter account throughout my time at the Hull Daily Mail. I have found that I actually really like the social media element of journalism, which I never thought that I would. I enjoy networking with others and increasing interaction and readership, and it is something I am now going to consider in the future.

Interviewing a fashion designer

One of my most recent tasks at the Hull Daily Mail has been to interview a fashion designer that was based in Hull. After being forwarded an email from her, we thought it would be a nice piece to put in both the Femail supplement and The Journal magazine, so I decided to set up an interview.

Usually interviews tend to take place either over the phone or in the reception of the Hull Daily Mail, but I thought it would be best to meet at a coffee shop down the road. This is because I thought it would be more casual for both as us, as I was a little nervous with this being one of my first proper interviews for a feature. Also, I decided to meet face to face as my shorthand isn’t good enough to be able to take notes over the phone, and I could use a dictaphone when we met in person.

Beforehand I wrote out all of my questions so I was prepared, but during the interview I thought of some extras, as I worked off the information she told me. Although it didn’t last too long, I got everything I needed to be able to write my feature. It was a good experience, and I now have both her email and contact number, which I could perhaps contact her on for further stories.

A benefit of meeting face to face was that I could improve my confidence when speaking to people I do not know, which I think has definitely improved.

After meeting and writing up the feature I also organised for a photographer to get some pictures to accompany the piece. It felt great to be in charge of the whole piece, from organising the interview, to writing the feature and finally organising the photographs. I’m looking forward to seeing it published.

Becoming more independent

As I spend more time in the office I feel more independent, being able to get on with my work without having to ask about every task. Now I am more known in the office, the sub editors have been filling my work basket with the Femail boxes, so I can work straight into each box, instead of working from Microsoft Word and leaving Natalie to paste it into the boxes.

When I get into the office I tend to spend time replying to emails that have been sent to me during the week. This really makes me feel like part of the team, having my own enquiries and responsibilities to carry out.

Having being working at the Hull Daily Mail for around a month, I am really pleased with the progress I have made, from creating a few fashion articles to having pieces of writing published in The Journal. I really feel that I am improving with my writing skills, as well as increasing my confidence within the journalism industry.