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Line Magazine

Line magazine screenshot 2 Line magazine screenshot 3 Line magazine screenshot Line screenshot 3This is the first magazine I have found that is purely online. Line magazine is ‘dedicated to showcasing the creative and versatile realm of fashion, beauty and photography’ with an ultimate goal of ‘capturing the minds and hearts of aspiring creators, and those enthused by avant-garde, high-fashion editorials.’

The magazine itself is very much the style of a print magazine, where you click an arrow to turn the page. However it is also interactive, as you have the option to buy the clothes when you click on the clothes featured. I really like this idea, as it makes it convenient for the reader. This is an idea I could use on my own online fashion magazine. I could possibly exchange use of clothing in exchange for advertising their clothes in this way.

There is also a page on the website which includes different videos, which further increases multimedia and interactivity with the reader.

Net-A-Porter: The Edit

The Edit is an online magazine produced by online shopping website Net-A-Porter. As a ‘luxury fashion destination’ the magazine focuses mainly on fashion and beauty, featuring clothes that you can buy on the website This includes fashion pictorials and interviews with designers.

Something that stood out in The Edit is their use of multimedia. When first looking through the pages it is laid out as a typical magazine, where you click an arrow to turn the page. This made me think it was just a stereotypical magazine, with no changes from the print publications. However, they include multimedia such as videos, making the experience interactive. This is definitely something I am looking to do on my own online magazine.

I am overall really impressed by The Edit. It features a lot of what I would like include in my own product, so will be good inspiration. The layout is simple and professional, working with the website’s brand, and was an interesting read.

The edit screenshot 2 The edit screenshot 3 The edit screenshot 4 The edit screenshot

Labelling my website

I have originally thought of my project as a Hull based fashion website. This is because it is a fashion website about the area of Hull. However, after Google searching the phrase ‘fashion websites’ all that comes up are online shopping websites. This creates the question: is my product really a fashion website?

A possibility I thought of would be instead to call it an online fashion magazine. It would have all the qualities of a magazine, but with added multimedia.  If doing this I would take influence from fashion magazines that have websites.

The next step is to research both fashion magazines with websites and stand alone online fashion magazines to get an idea of what I can create myself.

Fashion website google screenshot

Reason for producing fashion website

The main reason that I have decided to create a Hull based fashion website is because this is the area I am most interested in. I believe that Hull is a great place for fashion and beauty, but it doesn’t have a great reputation compared to other cities such as Manchester and Leeds. With no such website being created to date, it is a niche product (which research will confirm).

At first I had decided to produce a fashion magazine, but this may cost to produce copies. Creating a website instead saves on costs, and can be accessed by more people for free. It also means I can produce multimedia such as videos and audio pieces.

Creating a fashion magazine based on Hull means I can focus on local fashion boutiques as well as larger high street stores, producing a full picture of the city’s fashion and beauty scene.

Twitter 11/02

In our second session with John we looked at using Twitter professionally. We looked at the twitter compass (see below), the basics of Twitter, including timeliness, immediacy, multimedia, promoting your content and it being mobile.

We spoke about how you can follow communities and strangers instead of just your friends, and how you can develop a professional community.

Also we looked at the best way to increase engagement, by tweeting about similar subjects, live tweeting about news events, using hashtags and mentions, and engaging with your followers. As well as this you can integrate it with other apps such as Instagram and Facebook.

It is great to know about social media such as Twitter as social media is used in all parts of life, personal and professional. I even learnt something that I didn’t know, which will be great when using Twitter in the future.

Knowing how to use Twitter professionally is very important, as it can help to build contacts and become known in your chosen industry. Employers now also are known to check social media sites when looking to recruit employees.

Finished Multimedia news story

Here is my finished version of my news story on the Hull City of Culture. I have managed to fit in three different quotes and my word count is 446.

I found it interesting to write, and after reading through it several times and changing it, I am happy with how it has turned out in the end.

All I need to do now is pop in to Hull City Centre to take a photo for my story.


City of Culture, what now?

On the 20th November, Hull was announced the second ever City of Culture, beating Leicester, Swansea Bay and Dundee to the title. Over 16,000 people supported the bid, but now we have succeeded, what happens next?

The City of Culture award aims to help tourism and the economy, leaving a lasting legacy for the chosen city. Councillor Stephen Brady, Hull City Council leader, said ‘it has given Hull a platform to tell the World what this great city has to offer’, and we certainly have plenty to offer.

With a £60 million boost to the local economy, and help from the Hull 2017 Angels- 20 local businesses who have each pledged £17,000, Hull has a huge range of events planned ready for 2017. This includes an extravagant opening ceremony which will feature theatrical elephants, four ‘rivers’ of light and our trademark white telephone boxes.

Renovations are also planned ahead of 2017, including plans for the Fruit Market and Queen’s Gardens, which will ‘reinvigorate plans to update neglected and run down areas’. This will be made easier to complete if the city secures £3 million of extra funding from the Arts Council, which Hull is now eligible for after winning the title. Campaigns are also underway to restore the Wilberforce Monument.

A £12 million line-up of over 1500 events will take place in 2017, including 12 artist residencies throughout the year and 25 different festivals. One such festival is the annual Freedom Festival, for which an aerial show will take place, the theme being Larkin’s poem named ‘What will survive of us is love’.

15 national and international commissions have been confirmed, as well as eight major community participation projects. A Stadium Light and Sound concert is also in the line up, produced by Durham Marenghi, a World famous light designer who worked on the London Olympic stadium. This will, as Andrew Dixon, Bid Advisor, says ‘put Hull on an international map’.

The title is hoped to change perceptions of Hull forever, as Diana Johnson- Hull North MP, has asked culture secretary Maria Miller to help bring huge events such as the Brit Awards and the Man Booker Prize to the city. Londonderry, 2013’s City of Culture- whose visitor numbers have doubled this year, has hosted several large events, BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend and the Turner Prize to name a few, so Hull could be looking forward to hosting the same high profile events in 2017.

According to Councillor Steven Bayes a special free event will take place in the New Year to celebrate the achievement, as a thank you to those who supported the bid.

For more information visit: http://www.hullcc.gov.uk/2017hull

Multimedia news story- brief!

For our Writing for Purpose module I have to research and write a multimedia news story for an identified publication. It should include text and image, as well as a headline, picture caption and at least two quotes from interviews.

It needs to be between 200-500 words.

Writing for Purpose- BRIEF!

For our first assignment I have to ‘explore the core skills and techniques required for different types of writing’. I need to look at stylistic differences between publications, sourcing materials, shaping ideas, the use of language and editing and interview techniques.

In order to show that I have looked at these I need to write three pieces of work, a multimedia news story, a magazine feature and an online journalism article.

I also need to put together all of my written work I’ve produced over the semester and create a reflective blog showing my personal journey- which is this!

More blogs will come  with more information on the articles I am writing.