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My feature spread and video pitch

Feature spread

This is my feature spread about Paul Heaton, who created and was part of both The Housemartins and The Beautiful South. It speaks about his time in each band, as well as his love of Hull and a little about his drinking problems.

Also here is my video pitch:

Target audience for feature spread

I decided that if I were to publish my feature spread it would go in the newspaper The Hull Daily Mail. This is because Paul Heaton is a much loved figure in Hull, and would be interesting in reading about him.

Because of this, I decided to make my spread more pictorial rather than editorial, this is because people that read the Hull Daily Mail can flick through the feature, and stop to read the things they want to have a look at the pictures if they are short for time. The timeline I created also helps for people that are short for time.

I included a section on Paul’s love of Hull, which gives information of where he spent his time, and how he ended up in the city.

I felt that writing my feature on Paul Heaton was relevant because he is currently touring with ex Beautiful South bandmate Jacqui Abbott. This makes the feature spread in the moment and then gives information for when they are on tour on the back cover.

Paul on Hull

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 09.39.08

This is a perfect example of Paul’s love of Hull. Both he and the journalist interviewing him are from the city, and they speak of reminiscing about the well known people that everyone from Hull would know. He speaks of the City of Culture title, and ideas that he has for 2017.

It also speaks about politics, which Paul has a strong view on.

Giving up drinking

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 09.35.54

This article goes in to detail about Paul Heaton’s alcoholism, which was very interesting to read. From this I found out how he thought about his problem, and why he gave up drinking. This will be a great help to my feature spread, as one of the sections is about his drinking.

It also went in to detail about his lack of success as a solo artist. It shows that he isn’t afraid to talk about his failure, giving an indication of his personality.

Paul Heaton- Politics

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 09.33.32

This is from an interview Paul gave with website The Point. It speaks mainly about his political views, which are Marxist, and are seen in songs he wrote whilst in The Housemartins.

Though I am not mentioning his passion for politics in my feature or video pitch, it would a great back up, in case I need to find something else to write about. It was also interesting to see this side of him, and to read about his particular views on politics.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 09.30.27

This is a screenshot of an interview with Paul Heaton from football website 2-Up Top. Although his answers are short and to the point, this gives an indication of Paul’s personality. It asks Paul questions about football, which he is really interested in, and questions about his music.

It shows that Paul is a football enthusiast, as some of the questions some people would not be able to answer if they do not like the sport. They also ask different random questions such as his favourite films. Although the majority of this interview was not useful for my feature spread, it gave a great view of Paul’s view on different subjects. He also mentions that Hull is his favourite city, which shows his love for the city.

Happy Hour Again

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 09.28.23

This article from The Guardian is focussed on the tour he was doing at the time, but goes in to a lot of detail about Paul’s past and his childhood. It speaks about how he got in to playing music, and how his song writing has changed throughout the years. This interview gives a great view in to how Paul thinks, and his views on different subjects.