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Graphic Design, Design for Advertising Brief

For this assignment we need to develop an advertising campaign for either the Hull City of Culture or Siemens Sustainable Wind Farm Development plant.

Working as a group, we need to fully investigate each option, considering messages that target specific social/ cultural groups.

As well as this, we need to generate graphics for print and at least one other platform, showing evidence of group work.

This work will presented to the class, for which we will pitch our design ideas and delivery methods.

Graphic design- Reflection

Overall I think my presentation of my brochure went well. I got some good feedback from Dave which I will work on before the final hand in date.

I found some of the process of creating the brochure quite hard, such as taking away the background from images.

For this assignment I used Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

If I had done this assignment again I would liked to have reduced the size of the text throughout the article. I also would have placed the word ‘gender’ in brackets, which would represent what the article is about, females being stuck in one place.
I would also have added an image to the contacts page. Unfortunately I cannot access this file otherwise I would have made these changes.

CATS brief

For our second semester we have to write a 2,000 word essay comparing the work of two journalists, photojournalists or documentary filmmakers.

Then we have to deliver a 5-10 minute presentation on the same subject.

After my initial research I am finding this module interesting, and look forward to looking in to more journalists.

Notes from BBC Presentation

British Broadcasting Company formed 18th Oct 1922.

John Reith (managing director)- 1923 ‘Bring best broadcasting to widest possible number of homes’.

‘Mission is to inform, educate and entertain’.

Dec-, first regular news bulletin, radio station 2LO, general news agency- though no news until after 7pm due to newspapers.

News provided by ‘Rueters’, an international news agency.

2LO also had music, talks on different subjects and dramas.

1926- nationalised to ‘British Broadcasting Corporation’.

Introduced 10 year Royal Charter- a document specifying its rights- reason for licence fee.

Reith- ‘pledge it will remain independent’, instead of being dependant on government. Then it would be free from political inference.

1936- news shown in cinema by Pathe, in 1948- 1st TV news reel debuts.

First television trials on BBC frequencies in 1929.

-First recognisable BBC news bulletin in 1954, ‘BBC news and newsreel’ introduced by Richard Baker.

Several feats- 1st British Monarch to broadcast on radio- George V in 1932- famous by King’s Speech.

First broadcaster in the world to provide high definition TV service in 1936, but halted by the war in 1939.

-1953- first live coronation- Elizabeth II, which boosted TV sales.

1967- 1st full colour TV service in Europe- BBC2

Even first video recorder- VERA developed by the BBC.

-Even though competitors- ITV, Channel 4 from 1955-1989, they still stood out, produced BBC news online in 1997 along with their digital channel ‘BBC News 24’.

Is now a tri-media company.

Caters for all, ‘accommodates for all minorities’- as everyone pays for it.

‘Brings UK to the world and the world to the UK’. It is a main element of British Culture.

It is their public purpose to ‘sustain citizenship and civil society’.

1938- first foreign language broadcast in Arabic, which brings in different cultures. Have World Service- 28 languages.

Also Olympic Games first broadcast in 1948, 68.5hrs in all.

Use regional accents to reflect diversity of UK.

-1939-45- news bulletins ‘fundamental to morale of troops during the war’.

Catered for different social groups- women’s hour in 1946 which talked about politics, women’s citizenship (keeping house and childcare less after 60’s)

Children’s shows started in 1946- ‘Muffin the Mule’- a puppet with a piano.

The Archer’s- world’s longest running soap- 1950, brings people together, gets them talking. The same applies to news.

Corronation- 20mil watched it, all came together to share televisions.

Now online so different ways to view BBC, radio, twitter. News at different times so everyone can see it.

Presentation on Brand Identity and Self Promotion


This is my presentation I made to summarise the two assignments.  I decided to use Prezi as I am familiar with how it works, and think it is a good way to present key points.

I think my presentation went well, and I got some good feedback which I will work on, such as moving the text back from the margins, and adding the same design, that I have on my business card and comp slip, on to my letter head. I can work on these improvements next semester.

CATS presentation

Yesterday I presented to the class my presentation on the formation of the BBC. I was last out of our whole class so by the time it was my turn I was quite nervous!

Overall I think it went well. I tried hard on this assignment and I got all the information wanted to say out. All that’s left is to find out how well I did!

A Milestone in journalism

I decided to use Prezi for my presentation as I have used it before so I have experience, and also it looks better than a PowerPoint. I have tried to give a more complex Prezi, rather than just the templates given, so will hopefully be more aesthetically pleasing.

I have found all of my information from the BBC’s website and from a PowerPoint we looked at in class.

The images are from the BBC, as well as Wikimedia and johnchampionseatacforum.org

I think it reads pretty well when accompanied by my notes, but I am a little worried on whether it fulfils the brief/ whether I have done it right. Suppose I will find out tomorrow!

Here is my finished presentation on a Milestone:

Screenshot BBCtveiten wordcloud[1]


Presentation- A milestone in Journalism

For our CATS lesson we have to produce a five minute presentation on a particular milestone in Journalism in the 20th-21st Century.

We need to write about its cultural, social and historical context, using appropriate text and images.

After looking through a presentation on the History of Journalism we looked at in class, I have decided to do a presentation on the formation of the British Broadcasting Company (The BBC). This is because I have grown up watching the BBC, and even though we have Sky+ at home, all my mum and step-dad seem to watch is BBC1!

There is so much to talk about regarding the BBC, so I think it is a good subject to write about. Also they were the first major television company, and set the pace for other channels.