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Research on beauty photography

After deciding to create a section on my website for beauty reviews, I have been doing some research on different beauty bloggers, particularly on how they take their photos.
As I already have some experience of writing beauty reviews from interning at the Hull Daily Mail, I have a good idea of what I need to include. But taking photos is something I’m not used to, and something that I really want to get right. This is because I think including a good quality photography really transforms an article from amateur to professional.
From looking at different beauty blogs, I have noticed they often keep the photos simple, keeping a white/ marble background and putting focus on the products only. This is what many of the photos on the British Beauty Blogger website as well.
An alternate to this, is placing the products on luxurious surfaces or next to other objects, which I find makes the photos more interesting and look more high end. This is something I could try when taking my own photos.
What the majority of other beauty review websites do are play with perspective. They change the focus so only the product is in clear view, or they take close ups to get a good view of the product.

Looking at different websites has given me a good idea of what I would like to create on my own website.

Hull fashion students interview

The more time I spend at the Hull Daily Mail, the more chance I get to organise my own stories that appear. This is something I really enjoy, as it is always nice to be able to write about your interests.

One feature I particularly enjoyed writing was about a group of Hull fashion students going to a fashion show to show their designs to Vogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. It was great interviewing the students, if not a little nerve-wracking interviewing around 20 people all at the same time.
I also got to go along to the fashion show, which was great for me on both a personal and professional level. It meant I got to know the girls a bit better, and also got a better idea of what I was writing about.
The story gained the front page of the Femail supplement, and also got a double page spread inside which I was really happy with.

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

For my website I visited Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair, which took place over the weekend. I decided that I wanted to take a range of photos of the event to include in a photo gallery page I have recently created.
However, after getting to the fair and having a look around, I realised I had forgotten my memory card for the camera I had borrowed from the university stores!
I was disappointed that I had done it, as I really wanted to get some good shots to make my website look professional. Instead I used my contingency plan of taking photographs from my phone. Although the photos aren’t as a good quality as they would have been on a professional camera, I think I got some good shots at different angles, which I have now uploaded to my website.

Creating a photo gallery page demonstrates a different skill to just writing. In the future I will definitely keep borrowing the camera to take to different events to fill up the photo gallery page.

Deciding on a theme

The appearance of my fashion website is very important. With the areas covered by the website it is very appearance based, so I want it to reflect this.

I would like it to look professional, but more like a website than a blog. This is because there are already a large amount of existing fashion blogs.

As there aren’t many themes to choose on the WordPress site itself, I’ve been looking at themes to be able to download and use. Below are some I am interested in. My particular favourites are Brixtons Lounge and The Stylist. This is because they look professional and display a choice of articles to the reader. I also liked Florence, but in my opinion it looks more like a blog than a website.

Wordpress theme 2Wordpress theme 3Wordpress theme 4Wordpress theme 5Wordpress theme 6Wordpress theme 7Wordpress theme 8

Fashion blog research

One of the closest things to my online fashion website are fashion blogs. Although personal, many are focused on fashion and beauty, which is what I’m focusing my own website on. So I thought I would research a couple to see what sort of content is on the internet already and see what sort of things I do and do not like.

A prevalent UK based fashion blog is Hannah Gale’s self named blog. As an ex-journalist who has worked at fashion magazines such as Marie Claire and Look, her blog is what she describes as a ‘lifestyle destination for women in their twenties looking for reassurance that they’re not alone.’

I love this fashion blog, as she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and her lifestyle is realistic, unlike many other fashion blogs at the moment. Her tone is friendly and relatable, which I can imagine boosts readership.

The layout I think looks really professional, with good use of photos. This makes it more interesting to look and read, as internet articles tend to have less text than print articles.

Something I would like to emulate on my own fashion website is the use of subsections under the main area. For example, underneath fashion she has three subsections: 3 ways to wear, outfit of the week and wish list. I think three is a good amount of subsections, as I don’t want to have too many areas to focus on, I would rather have a smaller amount to create lots of content for, with the possibly to increase in the future.

Another thing I would like for my own site is her use of social media. You can see her Instagram photos on the site, which you can then click on link to her Instagram page.

Hannah Gale screenshot 2 Hannah Gale screenshot 3 Hannah Gale screenshot 4 Hannah Gale screenshot

Loco Magazine

As part of my research into creating a Hull based fashion website I have had a look into similar products to get an idea of what already exists.

The first I decided to research was Loco Magazine, which is described as Hull and East Yorkshire’s premier monthly lifestyle magazine which is ‘curated for the style conscious and culturally aware’.

Throughout the year I have heard a lot about Loco magazine, and they have had some high profile Hull individuals on the cover. So I was looking forward to having a look at the sort of content they include.

However, to be able to read Loco online you either need to buy it or subscribe. This is understandable, as if you can read it online no one would buy the printed magazine. I thought they may have a website with extra content on but this hasn’t been produced as yet.

Although you can’t read the magazine online, the website is very impressive. It is simple, but effective, professionally made with great quality photos and clear information. It uses a scrolling method, where photos are replaced with text before revealing the next photo. This reflects the magazine’s description, and would be an influential factor in buying the magazine.

Loco Magazine is at the top of Google when searching for ‘Loco magazine’ which makes it easy to find and more people are likely to click on the link.

Loco screenshot 2 Loco screenshot 3 Loco screenshot