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Reflection 17/03/15

So far I am feeling confident with my self-initiated project. I am keeping up to date with my progress reports and I have completed some filming which will go towards the promotional video.

I’ve organised some interviews, and have collected some recording equipment ready to record parts of the Journalism Day tomorrow.

I am also helping out with the streaming of the event in the afternoon to increase my video skills. This will give me more experience of how the cameras work, which will therefore help me with my promotional video, as well as other assignments this semester.

I am also going to hand out some surveys to students at the journalism day to gain more feedback from different demographics and target markets.

Group project work

The main things needed whilst working in a group is:

  • Communication– this is so we all know what each others roles are, and how the assignment is going overall. Also, it means if anything goes wrong or any other ideas are thought of we can adjust tasks accordingly.
  • Project management– Managing our project means that we can make the most of our resources in order to produce the best documentary we can. We will know what we want to include, and have a good idea of what we need to carry out this assignment.
  • Pre- production planning– planning our documentary before filming it means that we can make sure we get all the information we need. It means we can organise in what order we are going to record, and which tasks are getting done in what order. Being organised means it will be easier to record our footage and have time to make contingent plans if need be.
  • Project logging- logging out progress means that we can reflect on our work for future reference. We can see what we think worked well, and what we would improve if given the chance. It also shows who has completed what, and keeps the group updated on other people’s progress.

CATS reflection

This semester we looked at different journalists, with the aim to write a 2,000 word comparison essay on two different journalists of our choice.

During lessons we were shown different journalists from the past and the present, and had group discussions about their methods and our opinions on their work. I really enjoyed this, as before beginning this course I had little knowledge on other journalists outside of my interest zone. It gave me a chance to see how different professionals can be, and that although they are all successful they all have different writing styles. I have especially enjoyed the session we spent looking at John Pilger.

During this session we watched a video made by Pilger, showing what life is really like in countries that are experiencing conflict. He made me aware of different journalists that work in these environments, ones that are embedded with the army, and independent journalists. The embedded journalists rarely show what life is really like for people living in warzones, whilst the independent journalists really get to know the residents of these towns. They show exactly how it is and the hardships they face. It gave me a sense of how different journalists can be.

We were also given work to complete at home. This included comparison essays and researching specific journalists. One piece of work that I enjoyed was comparing two different photojournalists. I decided on Andrea Bruce and Patrick Brown, comparing the style of their photos, as well as their ethics and the places that they travelled to.

I also really liked researching a war journalist, for which I chose Clare Hollingworth. Considering I had never heard of her before, I was astonished at how much she had accomplished, and the fact that she is still alive at the age of 103, living in Hong Kong. She was the first person to report the start of the Second World War, and spent her whole life reporting in different countries. As I liked researching her, I decided I would write about her in my comparison essay.

For my essay I also decided to write about Christiane Amanpour. I decided on this after researching female War Correspondents on the internet, and finding her on the top of many influential journalist lists. I decided that I wanted to compare to female War Correspondents because not a lot are well known, although a lot have risked their lives in order to inform the public. After comparing both, I found a lot of differences between her and Clare Hollingworth in different aspects of their personal lives and careers.

Although I find this an interesting subject to write about, I found the essay rather hard, especially when writing about why they made their choices. However, after some initial feedback I managed to finish my essay to a standard I am happy with.

Overall I have really enjoyed this semester of CATS. I feel that I am now more knowledgeable about different journalists in different areas, and I now know more about some well known journalists.

Creative Futures, Sally- Reflection

After a hard start with this assignment, once I understood what to do I really enjoyed this assignment. I especially liked researching different web documentaries, such as the one about local celebrities in Paris. This is because it shows how journalism is moving on, how you don’t just have to read an article, you can watch, listen and interact with them.

I found it quite hard to understand what I needed for my finished product, but after speaking to others on the course, Sally and dissecting the brief, I had a good idea of what I needed to do, although I did miss out a few things! I am going to work on what else I need to do ready for next week.

CATS- Brief

This semester I have to write a 2,000 word comparison essay on two journalists of my choice. As well as comparing their work, I have to compare the journalists themselves, who they are, their roles, ethics, ethos, their working practices, styles, the media they use, why they do what they do, innovations, their impact, influence and legacy. Also their context in the history of journalism.


As well as this I need to produce a 500 word reflection on the work we have done this semester.

Graphic design- Reflection

Overall I think my presentation of my brochure went well. I got some good feedback from Dave which I will work on before the final hand in date.

I found some of the process of creating the brochure quite hard, such as taking away the background from images.

For this assignment I used Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

If I had done this assignment again I would liked to have reduced the size of the text throughout the article. I also would have placed the word ‘gender’ in brackets, which would represent what the article is about, females being stuck in one place.
I would also have added an image to the contacts page. Unfortunately I cannot access this file otherwise I would have made these changes.

News Production reflection

Overall I enjoyed creating my own news piece.

After a three day workshop with Emma she set us the task of creating a 1- 1.30 minute news piece of our choice.

The workshop showed me how to use the cameras, and the best positioning to use for getting still shots that look good.

We also learnt some interview skills, and what a good news piece looks like.


I decided to do my piece on a local band from Hull called Breeze. They were great to work with, letting me record their rehearsals and go backstage for my interview. I had some trouble with sound on the interview so I had to redo this at a later date. I did all of this using the video cameras, and used a H2 voice recorder for my voiceover.

Although sometimes I did have trouble working the cameras, I am happy with my video, especially having creating it from nothing.

I also found it hard carrying everything around but I still managed to get all of the shots I wanted for my piece.



It was great that after showing our videos we spent the afternoon at Look North in Hull, having a look round the studio. It was a great experience that I doubt I would ever get if not completing this assignment.

Overview of my Brochure/ reflection

The overall design of my brochure is inspired by hardback books. Particularly inspired by Alexa Chung’s book ‘It’, I have conceptualised my own book full designed to professionally promote myself.

For the outside I have used thick cardboard covered in light pink linen paper. For the pages inside I have decided to use a heavy stock paper, in an off white colour, like you would find in a book.

My theme throughout I have chosen is flowers. This is because I feel it suits the type of market I would like to work in- women’s magazines, and also because of their positive connotations. They also suited my brand identity well.

Overall I am pleased with the way my brochure has turned out. I would like to have taken my own photos, and also to have created more content to go inside.

By creating my brochure as a book, clients are more likely to pay attention to it, instead of throwing it in the bin like they would with a leaflet. Its distinct look would make it more eye-catching. Also its size is easy to carry around and put on a bookshelf/ coffee table.

Reflection on photography assignment

Overall I am happy with how my assignment turned out. I would have liked to have got some more shots in Hull City Centre but the weather took a turn for the worst when I managed to borrow a camera from stores at HSAD.

I used my iPhone, a Canon camera and my own Nikon camera, so I got to use a range of different techniques. I have ordered my photos from lightest to darkest, to give it a beginning and end, starting in daylight and ending in darkness.

I think I used a range of techniques learnt in lesson, including changing the shutter speed, increasing and decreasing focus, as well as using Photoshop to improve images that hadn’t turned out so well. Completing this assignment has given me a chance to practice and improve my skills.