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Hull fashion students interview

The more time I spend at the Hull Daily Mail, the more chance I get to organise my own stories that appear. This is something I really enjoy, as it is always nice to be able to write about your interests.

One feature I particularly enjoyed writing was about a group of Hull fashion students going to a fashion show to show their designs to Vogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. It was great interviewing the students, if not a little nerve-wracking interviewing around 20 people all at the same time.
I also got to go along to the fashion show, which was great for me on both a personal and professional level. It meant I got to know the girls a bit better, and also got a better idea of what I was writing about.
The story gained the front page of the Femail supplement, and also got a double page spread inside which I was really happy with.

Fashion show article

A recent piece I have written for my fashion website is about students from the Hull School of Art and Design taking part in a fashion show in York. As American Vogue’s Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour was there, I think it was a great story for my website, as it was recent and definitely something that stood out.
As I got to accompany the students to the fashion show, it meant I could get a first hand experience to write about, and also get some photos of the night. Although where I was sat I didn’t have a great view for photos, I took a few, as well as some videos, that I will include in the article.

Although I have found a few fashion news stories to write about, I need to start including other pieces on my website. I have had a few thoughts about this, and have decided to look into beauty reviews, guest bloggers and taking photos at different events. Now I have finished my dissertation these should be a lot easier to complete.

Target audience and demographic survey

To decipher my target audience and demographics I have created an online survey. After creating my questions, I have used a website called Survey Monkey to create a professional looking survey for people to complete online.

Survey Monkey gives you the chance to customise your own survey, giving the participant different ways to answer questions, like drop boxes and multiple choice answers.

Questions I have included hopefully will give me an indication on who to design my fashion website for, and what to include. Examples of questions I have asked are:

“How do you find out about the Hull fashion scene?” and “What would you like to see included on a Hull based fashion website?”

I will also print off copies of the survey to hand out to others, including the students at my university and those who I know are interested in fashion.

After analysing the results I will be able to tailor my fashion website to those who are interested in it, to maximise viewing and create an audience.

Survey screenshot 2

Survey screenshot 3

Survey screenshot

Adding information about Journalism Day

The final addition I needed to make to my promotional video was to add a little introduction to the clips of Journalism Day.

I had intended to include an interview with a college student to introduce the clips, however after trying to contact him he has not responded.

Instead I have included a quote from a piece of work the student had sent in about the day, to give an idea of what people think of the Journalism Day.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 15.30.56

Week left before hand-in.

With next week being the hand in date, I feel that I’ve progressed well through this assignment, being on track to finish on time.

Although it will most probably need a few changes, my promotional video is nearly finished, which I am happy with as before I did not think it would be finished on time. This was due to problems with the computers I was using. But I spent a lot of time editing my video to make sure it looked how I wanted it do.

I have wrote about the different processes on my blog, and hopefully wrote enough reflections throughout the assignment.

If I have time I will interview the student from Wyke and possibly include him, but if not I think I have enough interviews throughout my video to get a balanced opinion of the course.

Problems with interview

Yesterday I had arranged to meet a student from Wyke college, to interview him for my promotional video. He had wrote a great piece about the Journalism Day, so I wanted to include his views about the day, which would help to promote the course.

However, after waiting, he didn’t turn up. This was probably to do with timing issues, as I was stuck in traffic outside of the college meaning I didn’t arrive for the decided time.

I will try to rearrange, even if it means not making the deadline, as I would still like to interview the student to get his opinion, and possibly use at a later date.

Editing interview with Jackie

I have now added my interview with Jackie to my¬†promotional video. Although a great interview, I’ve had to cut it down a lot to be able to include it. This is because I want my video to be relatively short to keep the viewer interested.

I have included her speaking about the work experience students get, as I think its a great part of the course. It also fits in well with the existing footage I have collected.

As I have mentioned earlier, I will publish the full interview also, so people can get a more detailed idea of the course.

Arranging interview with college student

After emailing a student who attended the journalism day we held in March, he has responded, and agreed for me to interview him about his experience.

This has been arranged for this Wednesday, so hopefully this should go ahead so I can include it in my promotional video.

I may also publish the interview as a whole along with the video itself, so viewers can get an independent view point of our course.

Sound problems with video

Although nearly finishing the video, I am having some problems with the sound. I have a soundtrack, which I then fade when students are speaking to the camera. However, I cannot get the soundtrack quiet enough to be able to hear the students to speak.

I could completely mute the music whilst they are speaking, but I like the idea of the music being in the background whilst they speak. I will have to ask around to see if anyone knows how to fix this problem. I will also research on the internet in to whether I can alter the volume on different shots in order to hear the students better.