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Choosing website title graphic

For the title of my website I have decided to create a graphic using Adobe Illustrator. This is because I want it to look more professional and adding a graphic will help with this, rather than just a traditional WordPress page title.

To find the right font for my graphic I have used website Da Font, which has many different fonts to choose from. This means I wasn’t limited to the simple fonts on Illustrator itself.

There were a few fonts that I liked, which I have featured below. However, I decided to go with one called Penelope Anne, is it is clean and simple, but eye catching and effective.

I had previously wanted to include small images in my graphic, such as a shoe or a handbag next to the writing, to make it clear what my website is about. I decided against this though, as I thought it might look too busy. Also, readers will be able to see what my website is about once looking at the content.

The next task is to find out how to upload this onto my website.

These are some of the different fonts I was interested in:


Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.56.42Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.39.22

This was my original idea, to write the title in a banner. However, I found that it had no relevance to the content of my website.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.58.54

I also liked the idea of flowers included in the font, but again it didn’t suit the area of my website.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.08.40

This is the font I have decided on for my website. It is clear but still attractive, and would suit my website well.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.16.02

This Valentines Day themed font I thought I could use on my February newsletter that I will be creating.

Creating about page

About screenshotWordpress tutorial site screenshotWordpress link screenshotThe first page I have created on my website is the about page. I have wrote a simple description, which I suspect I will change at a later date once I have written more content.

In a few days when I am at university, I am going to create a graphic to top this page, where at the moment I have written Welcome, on Adobe Illustrator. This is to make the page more professional and more in keeping with the theme of the website.

To hide the page title, I have installed a Plugin called Hide Title, which makes it very easy and simple. I found out how to do this from a tutorial website that gives easy instructions on WordPress issues.

As well as this, I have edited the link of the page, to make it easier to search. It also has key words in that will increase my SEO.


Website name

After a lot of thought I have decided on my website name- Hull Style. I wanted something that was original, but gave a good idea of what the website was about.

My first idea was to use the name ‘Fashionahull’. It was a play on the word fashionable, but obviously adding Hull into the name. However, when discussing with others on my course they didn’t understand the name. From this feedback I decided to go with something more understandable. Hull Style indicates where the website focuses on, and also the subject of the site.

A benefit of this name is that it will increase SEO. This is because when people search for both Hull and Style, my website will appear. In contrast, no one would search for Fashionahull.

Street style

This week came the time to go back out onto the high street for the street style feature. This time I felt more confident after going out alone once before, and determined to find a good amount of people to fill a few week’s worth of papers.

Unlike last time, I went out with Kate, the photographer that usually goes out for the street style, and it was fun to work together to get what we needed. Her enthusiasm increased my confidence, and I felt that I spoke to the public with ease and in a friendly tone.

We managed to find six people, which is great as it means we don’t have to go out for another couple of weeks. We found varying styles which is good as it means I’m not repeating my words when writing up the feature.

This is yet another feature that I am in charge of writing. I enjoy writing the street style up, as it has several different components, including a write up of the interviews, a style verdict column and a section where you can get the look. This means it doesn’t get boring writing the same things over and over again.

Street style

One of my tasks as features intern is to go out with a photographer and interview members of the public for the street style feature.

The aim of the feature is to pick out people who have a particularly eye catching outfits, before asking them about their style, celeb fashion icons and other similar questions. They are then featured in Femail, with a small verdict on their outfit along with where you can buy items that look similar.

I was slightly nervous to interview people for this feature, as not a lot of people like being stopped in the street. And even if they do stop asking for their photo is also something they are not keen on. However, Natalie accompanied me on the outing so I could get an idea of how to do it. Although she asked all of the questions, I wrote down notes whilst they were speaking, and took in her interviewing technique so I could emulate this when going out by myself.

When we got back to the office it was my task to find similar outfits to those featured, and write the verdict.

Although I will be nervous when I go out to interview members of the public by myself, it will be great experience, and will no doubt build my confidence for when I interview people in the future.

Oct 17

Oct 24

Editing decisions

I have made several decisions whilst editing my promotional video. This included what music to use and the style I wanted it to create.

Perhaps the hardest decision throughout editing was deciding what footage to use, and what to cut. As I wanted only a short promotional video, not all of the footage could be shown. So I needed to choose which shots were most important. This was particularly difficult with the footage of my interview with Jackie. I would like to have included all of it, but it was simply too long to be able to do.

I decided to use the shots that I had the most information about, and shots that had things in common, for example footage of technology, alongside an interview speaking about the technology side of the course.

Progress 16/03

During this session we discussed with Sally how far we had got with the documentary.

We then had a look at different techniques to give our documentary the style we are looking for. One way in which to do this is by using the idea of stop motion. This is when you cut out parts of the film to look like each part is a photograph.

Also, the background music helps to give the documentary the style you are looking for. We got the idea when Sally played a piece of video without the music, and it could have several different styles.

This taught us about the importance of style when creating our documentary.

We then started choosing which parts of footage that we would like from a video we found on YouTube. This is what we will use for our stop motion part of the documentary.