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Downloading recommended Plugins

I have now downloaded the recommended Plugins we were shown on my WordPress website. This included:

  • Akismet, which stops spam comments.
  • Geolocation, which enables you to show where the story was written- improving SEO.
  • Google Analytics, allowing me to view reports of the statistics of my website, such as amount of viewers and how long they stayed on the page for.
  • WP Supercache, which helps my website to load quicker.
  • Yoast SEO, so I can optimise my posts for maximum SEO.

We were also recommended Login Lockdown, however I have instead installed a Plugin called Clef, which lets me login via my phone.

These Plugins will help me to get the most out of my website as possible.

Problems installing Jetpack

Whilst downloading the recommended plugins, I came across a problem whilst downloading one named Jetpack. Although I am not sure what went wrong, something happened which made me not be able to both login to my WordPress account or even view my website. Instead a warning code and a fatal error message appeared.

Understandably this has me worried, I am not experienced in this area so I thought I might not be able to fix it myself. So my next step was to search the internet for a solution to my problem. However, there were no answers.

I then decided to contact Jetpack themselves, and after this write on a WordPress forum to see if anybody could help me in this way. I had no response from Jetpack, but someone on the forum had answers, and told me to access my website from the control panel of my provider.

Thankfully this worked, and my website is now back up and running. This shows that once again I have managed to overcome what I thought was a serious problem. I am becoming more and more confident that I can achieve what I want with my website, so I am excited to make more progress.

Creating about page

About screenshotWordpress tutorial site screenshotWordpress link screenshotThe first page I have created on my website is the about page. I have wrote a simple description, which I suspect I will change at a later date once I have written more content.

In a few days when I am at university, I am going to create a graphic to top this page, where at the moment I have written Welcome, on Adobe Illustrator. This is to make the page more professional and more in keeping with the theme of the website.

To hide the page title, I have installed a Plugin called Hide Title, which makes it very easy and simple. I found out how to do this from a tutorial website that gives easy instructions on WordPress issues.

As well as this, I have edited the link of the page, to make it easier to search. It also has key words in that will increase my SEO.


My chosen theme

Semicolon theme screenshot

Current theme Semicolon

I had originally decided on a theme called The Stylist, which I have featured in a previous post. However, on trying to download it I realised that it would cost. Therefore I decided to choose another theme.

This one is called Powen light, and is pictured below. I think it is suitable for my website. The scrolling picture menu at the top which could feature different articles, and the layout of each blog post on the home page has enough room to fit a photo and a brief description of each story, but not too much to fill the home page up with text.

I am having trouble downloading this theme onto my WordPress page, so at the moment have a temporary theme called Semicolon. I am happy with the appearance of this one, but will continue to work on downloading the Powen light theme whilst creating content.

Although I have struggled with this, I am confident that I will manage to sort the problem out as I did with installing WordPress.

Powen light theme screenshot

Preferable chosen theme Powen Lite


Installing WordPress

Finding out how to install WordPress has been the first obstacle so far during this assignment. Not knowing much about creating websites, I spent a day trying to install WordPress, watching YouTube videos and reading tutorials. At this point I didn’t understand that you need to install WordPress through your website host, so I didn’t have much luck. After all day with no success, I decided to leave it for the day and come back to it with a fresh head.

I came back to the task later on, and spent time working through emails that I had received since my last attempt. From looking through these I found an email with login details to my web host home page, from which I could download WordPress through.

Looking back, I had not received this email when I first attempted to install it, so I must have been attempting too soon. Now I have managed to install it I feel a lot more confident with the task at hand. Realising that I can sort any problems I face myself has made me much more prepared for creating my own website.

Chosen host: Xilo

After struggling to decide which host to use and which would be the best value for money, I chose Xilo. This was after advice from John, as this is the host he uses for his own websites.

I had previously decided to go with Bluehost, which is recommended by WordPress, but they do not allow you to pay a small monthly rate, meaning you have to pay a larger price in one lump sum.

Xilo is a smaller web host, but gives me everything I need to be able to run my own website. As I am a beginner in this field, I need a simple host to be able to gain experience, and I believe Xilo is perfect for this.

Deciding on what website software to use

For my online fashion magazine I am going to use website software WordPress.org. This is because I am familiar with the blogging website WordPress.com, so hopefully will be able to transfer some of my knowledge to WordPress.org.

Another website software I could have used was Wix, but from previous experience, I found it hard to use and became frustrated when using it. Therefore I decided to stick with what I am experienced in in order to produce the best website that I can.

JDM at Fruit set up

We spent our first lecture back discussing our new assignment as a group.

As it is a group project, it is important that we are all in contact. This is so we can complete our assignment as smoothly as possible. It also means that we can keep an eye on what others are doing, so to be as updated as possible.

Because of this, we set up a wide range of internet programmes which can keep us all in touch and up to date with everyone’s progress. This included:







These different programmes give us a whole load of tools that we can use to keep in contact.

It was great learning all of these different programmes as in the future we can use them for assignments. Also we would know how to use them when in the workplace, helping to keep us organised when working on group projects.

Knowing about different technology available is essential now in the journalism industry. This is because more and more journalists are expected to be trained in more than one media, for example both video and web journalism. Having knowledge about these different programmes will show we are experienced in both using different technology, and in managing a project efficiently.